Sufyanī, After attacking Iraq   

According to an authentic hadith by Imām Sadīq (pbuh), ‘After Sufyanī occupies the safe zones [Damascus, Homs, Palestine, Chalcis ad Belum [in Halab]and Jordan], he will run for nine months…’ (Al- Ghaybah, Tūsī, Ibid, 452)

After attacking Iraq, Sufyanī will learn Imām Mahdī (mgehr) is in Medina [Although in a semipublic way, Imām (mgehr) will be present stay there, before the Emergence.] Therefore, he [Sufyanī] will send an army to Medina, in order to capture and kill His Excellency.

[In addition to Imām Sadīq (pbuh)], Imām Baqīr (pbuh) stated:


Sufyanī will send an army to Medina. [On the other side], Mahdī (mgehr) will set off to Mecca from there. They will report Sufyanī’s commander-in-chief, ‘His Excellency have set off Mecca… (Al- Ghaybah, Nuˈmani, Chapter 14, Ibid 67)

In the narrations, there is nothing about the resistance of the ruler of Ḥijāz, against Sufyanī’s army!


Collection date:

5/ 28/ 2017



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