Some Kirāmahs by Imām Zamān (mGehr)

1-Muḥammad ibn Yousef Shashī mentioned:

Once, I was diagnosed with an incurable disease and spent a lot of money on it, but it had no use! So, I wrote a letter to Walī Aşr (mGehr), and requested him to pray for me. Then, I received a letter from the Imām!! It included as follows:

ألبسک الله العافیة و جعلک معنا فی الدنیا و الآخرة؛

May God gift you wellness and let you be with us, in the world and hereafter.

Anyhow, I recovered less than a weak! Then I explained what happened to one of the doctors. But, he wondered, “We don’t know any cure for this disease!! No doubt, your health is just by God not by any physical reason!


2- Alī ibn Huṣayn Yamānī mentioned:

Once, I went to the area “Askar” in Samarra to visit Imām Aşr (mGehr). I didn’t introduce myself to anyone and didn’t speak with my intention with anyone. But all of a sudden, an individual came to me and ordered, “Stand up!” I wondered, “Where are we going?!” He replied, “To our house!” I expressed, “I suppose, you have mistaken me for someone else. [Tell me,] what is my name?!

He reacted, “No, I have not! You are Ali ibn al Huṣayn; sent by Ja’far ibn Ibrāhīm!

Then, he took me to Huṣayn ibn Aḥmad’s house. He stated something to Husayn that I couldn’t hear, but all of my wishes were fulfilled by him. I stayed there for three days and I requested the permission of visiting Imām Aşr (mGehr). I got the permission and I visited the Imām in at ones of those nights.


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