There are two ways to reduce suffering: To choose some appropriate [meaningful] suffering, and to welcome the suffering which God considered for us  

July 10, 2024 0

One of the ways to reduce suffering is to choose some of the suffering ourselves! After accepting the philosophy of suffering, a wise individual will mention, “As I cannot get rid of suffering, I will choose some of them myself [and embrace it].” If we choose a positive and meaningful suffering, God will reduce our suffering two or more times; such as by giving alms/donations or so on. Although giving alms is a little suffering, poverty is making you suffer more!

The Solution for Divorce is Trust in Allah.

July 10, 2024 0

This verse tells us that love (not other attributes that we may think are love, but actual love), will come only after belief.  Interestingly this verse comes at the end of Surah Maryam and lady Maryam was the mother whose practices created for her a prophet son who brought love to the world and through this heart ability of his (Allah’s gift), was able to bring the dead to life with the permission of Allah. 

Why do half of marriages end in divorce?

July 10, 2024 0

When the youth are going to get married, we should advise them, “The marital life [marital life] includes suffering! And the philosophy behind it is, there must happen some disagreements among the wives and husbands, so that they can progress. Otherwise, why should these two opposite sexes (men and women who cannot easily understand each other), live together?

A moment to ponder!

December 1, 2023 0

On the eve of Ramadan 17th, Prophet [Muḥammad] (pbuh&h) went to the Miʿrāj. The next morning, Satan came to his present and said:

O, the Messenger of God (pbuh&h)! The last night when you went to the Miʿrāj, in the fourth heaven, there was a broken and burnt pulpit on the left side (Baitul Ma’mur) that fell inverted. Did you know that pulpit, and did you find out whose it was?