About Imām Zamān (mGehr)’s honorable mother

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When the ships that carry the captives landed on the shore, you can see a crowd of bondmen. Also, a group of deputies of Bani Abbās’s Emirs and a few Arab young men will gather around them. All day long, you have to be on the lookout for the slaver named “Amroo ibn Yazīd”. You will wait up to the time, he will introduce the bondwoman who has such and such features… she will wear a silk clothes.

1-It was a coin equal to 3.45 grams of gold.

There are two ways to reduce suffering: To choose some appropriate [meaningful] suffering, and to welcome the suffering which God considered for us  

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One of the ways to reduce suffering is to choose some of the suffering ourselves! After accepting the philosophy of suffering, a wise individual will mention, “As I cannot get rid of suffering, I will choose some of them myself [and embrace it].” If we choose a positive and meaningful suffering, God will reduce our suffering two or more times; such as by giving alms/donations or so on. Although giving alms is a little suffering, poverty is making you suffer more!

The Solution for Divorce is Trust in Allah.

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This verse tells us that love (not other attributes that we may think are love, but actual love), will come only after belief.  Interestingly this verse comes at the end of Surah Maryam and lady Maryam was the mother whose practices created for her a prophet son who brought love to the world and through this heart ability of his (Allah’s gift), was able to bring the dead to life with the permission of Allah. 

Convenience shouldn’t be destroyed; It should be controlled and managed

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Seeking comfort [convenience] is of the nature of humans. But, it can be in an extreme state, transforming, and leads humans to fall. We are not supposed to destroy seeking comfort in ourselves; instead, we should control and manage it. This doesn’t mean to remove all the comforts! On the contrary, we are supposed to provide ourselves with comforts and convenience.

While Imām Mahdī (mGehr)’s Hujjah [Mahdaviiat] was clear, why did some Shiites consider “Nafs al- Zakiyyah1” or “Muḥammad ibn Hanafiyyah” as Imām Mahdī (mGehr)?!

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Although in some Aḥādīth which are about Imām Mahdī (mGehr)’s rise, by the Messenger of God (pbuh&h) and his Ahl al Bayt (pbu th), it has been clarified that he is definitely the son of 11th Imām “Askarī (pbuh)”, because the people knew all Ahl al Bayt (pbu th) as “The best guide for people” and “Guided By God”; therefore, facing cruelty and violation, they took refuge to one of them as “Imām Mahdī (mGehr)” [It was a sort of psychological need to a divine Imām]. They would also take some other people with themselves.

Why do half of marriages end in divorce?

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When the youth are going to get married, we should advise them, “The marital life [marital life] includes suffering! And the philosophy behind it is, there must happen some disagreements among the wives and husbands, so that they can progress. Otherwise, why should these two opposite sexes (men and women who cannot easily understand each other), live together?

How can we avoid the fate which has been ordered to the angels to carry out?

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When the fates and destinies of humans are determined by God, He orders the angels in order to carry out them [the fates and destinies]. For example, God orders His Excellency Azrael, “Take the soul of such person at such time!”

[In this regard,] Imām Ṣādiq (pbuh) states, “Even if people’s faiths are ordered from the heavens to the angels, praying can stop its being carried out!

Some Kirāmahs by Imām Zamān (mGehr)

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Once, I went to the area “Askar” in Samarra to visit Imām Aşr (mGehr). I didn’t introduce myself to anyone and didn’t speak with my intention with anyone. But all of a sudden, an individual came to me and ordered, “Stand up!” I wondered, “Where are we going?!” He replied, “To our house!” I expressed, “I suppose, you have mistaken me for someone else. [Tell me,] what is my name?!

How does His Excellency [Mahdī (mGehr)] get food, clothes and inhabitance and what are them?

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Since we don’t have any narration related to this point, we suppose the Excellency’s food, clothes and inhabitance are natural and usual. It’s because, based on divine tradition, the world of creation has fixed usual laws, except some occasions.

Therefore, the Imām (mGehr) has a normal body and uses ordinary food, too. Although, God sometimes sends a heavenly gift to the Excellency, as it was granted to Her Excellency Mary (pbuh) and others.