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If you’d like to see the sacred courtyard Masjid al-Ḥarām from Ka’aba roof, click on the following link

A part of master Panahian’s knocker speech

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A part of master Panahian’s knocker speech

Palestine square, after the Friday prayer, 18/2

Some years ago, Zionists attack to Lebanon and said: «Lebanon is a revelry plase, its easy to occupy it!»

But Lebanon’s people by Hizbollah’s patronage, larrup them.

The commentate of master Panahian in 12/1/1394

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Origin of Iran’s revolution was in holy Mecca and all prophets was assembled it’s arrangement. Pure hands of prophet Mohammad (pbuh) farmed the

seed of “Islamic Revolution” good tree near the Zamzam fountain.

It was repressed in Mecca but growed in Madinah. It was ingrated in Madina but gets power in Koofa. They wanted to bury it in Koofa unmanly, but it

was resurrected in Karbala. They try to perish it on soil and blood in Ashoora, but it spreaded its roots in the earth and was immortalized, ntil appeared

in Bahman, 22, 1357 (helical), and grow our land.

He said,” I prayed but “Allah” didn’t answer my call!”

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He said,” I prayed but “Allah” didn’t answer my call!”

When you look at him, you see he is clean-shaven! With Side whiskers! He has golden necklace

We wonder,” It is not surprising if “Allah” refused his wishing!
But it is uncommon if “Allah refuses our wishing!

It will rain what you want..

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The pest is off the runaway ground and the Earth became kind and its treasures proudly glare.

Why did not they tell me when you come, there won’t be any news of the desert ?!

Dryness disappears from soil and humans’ hearts… and all you can see is prosperity.

Among all these best,

Find the hearts; warm with faith

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Whoever always thinks of Imam Zamān (mgehr),

s/ he won’t think about sins.

Ayatullah Bahjat (mhgbs):

The hearts have [usually] turned cold in faith and aren’t lit by knowledge.

There are some signs by God for the faithful people, before the Emergence

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Imam Sadiq (pbuh) stated,

There are some signs by God for the faithful people, before the Emergence:

Surly, we will test all of you with something of fear, hunger, loss of wealth and lives, and fruits. So, 29/5000

Give glad tidings to the patients.

By hunger, it refers to the high expenses.

Romantic protest≠ destructive protest

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One of the main downfall of protest [the related protest] is that, some of the people don’t know the worth of the huge opportunity created by this holy system and bright revolution [Islamic revolution of Iran]. Since they aren’t satisfied with the status quo, they are indifferent to introducing the Emergence and ignore the positive aspects of Islamic society.

The era when you emerge, is the era without violence

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Zionist troops won’t ruthlessly enter the houses anymore

The Yemeni little girl won’t lose her father.

Palestinian little boy won’t be mangled The

The females dignity is preserved like flowers
No one deceives others anymore

Lying and deception will be disappeared