”Education level of RezaShah”!!! in his second wife’s words:

June 8, 2017 0

They say RezaShah was uneducated and want to abject him by this parol but it’s not true. Reza was an orphan child who grow up in hardship.
Heretofore, education was appertain to first class races and plutocracy. A lot of seigneures, princes and smart sets(!) were racially stupid, although they had tutors they even didn’t earn a limited education.

Do you know Ahmad ibn- Helal?

December 15, 2015 0

He made Hajj for 54 times;

And he travelled 20 times of those, in foot!

He was a trustable man by imam Askari( pbuh), also one of special companions of prophet Muhammad( pbuh&h) and a narrator of the 14 infallible imams’ traditions …

Do you know…?

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at the first moments of the Emergence, Imam Mahdi (hgr) will make a commitment to 313 people [his special companions] that


do thievery
commit adultery
beat someone unjustly
curse any Muslim

O, Sahib al-Zaman [imam Mahdi (hgr)]! Who is your Muslim ibn Aqeel?!

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This is a letter by Husayn ibn Ali to groups of Muslims and believers:

[In this regard], your messengers; Hani and Saeed delivered your letters to me.

I got what you have explained and reminded.

[There], most of you were saying, “There isn’t any imam or leader for us!”

And you asked me [to ride up]/ come toward you,

White House Triumph

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Once I faced a Hadith1 in one of Sunnies sources, that was by Jabir ibn Samurah. He said in that, ” I was there when the prophet( pbuh&h) satted, ‘

a group of Muslims will conquer White House! The house which is a symbol of Kasrā palace or Kasrā dynasty.

Nobody has ever told me

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That when you emerge, hatred and jealousy will die,

Hatred will die and jealousy will be exiled to nowhere…

All will be united and sincere

Reasons will have been grown

There will be good competition fields, but not in egotism, selfishness and pride