Do you know Ahmad ibn- Helal?

December 15, 2015 0

He made Hajj for 54 times;

And he travelled 20 times of those, in foot!

He was a trustable man by imam Askari( pbuh), also one of special companions of prophet Muhammad( pbuh&h) and a narrator of the 14 infallible imams’ traditions …

Having good temper

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A Christian insulted imam Baqir ( pbuh) as: “ you are called’Baghar’1 “

But the majesty imam replied: “No, I’m called Baqir”

The Christian continued: “You are a cook’s son”

The imam replied, “It was her job”

Notifying is different from finding fault

December 15, 2015 0

Notifying is different from finding fault!
These two categories are distinct.
If someone seeks to remove his/ her owns faults, they will have the most effect on society.

A war with God

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Prophet Muhammad ( pbuh&h) stated many times:
“If my nation disobeys enjoining good and forbidding wrong and leave it to each other,
it is as they have declared war against God!”