Why do half of marriages end in divorce?

 Why do half of marriages end in divorce?

What is the philosophy behind the disagreements among the wives and husbands, in their marital lives?


When the youth are going to get married, we should advise them, “The marital life [marital life] includes suffering! And the philosophy behind it is, there must happen some disagreements among the wives and husbands, so that they can progress. Otherwise, why should these two opposite sexes (men and women who cannot easily understand each other), live together?

In our society, sometimes half of the marriages unfortunately lead to divorce; because, we don’t know how to deal with suffering [relieve it]!


Two ways to reduce suffering:

 1-Choosing the meaningful suffering

2- Saying welcome to the suffering which is God’s will

After accepting the philosophy of pain, a wise individual says, “Now that I cannot get rid of the suffering, I will chose some/ types of them!” If you chose a correct and meaningful suffering, God will reduce your suffering twice or more, such as suffering of giving alms.”

Humans are the only creatures who can chose and can create values.  Angles have been good since they were created. On the contrary, animals have had the low status since first. Just the humans can chose to be good and increase their value.



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