Which country, based on the narrations, will destroy Zionists? And when?

One of the verses in Surah Isra’ʾ of the Qur’an connotes that, when there will be our [divine] deadline for Zionists, we will consider some servants of God who are very powerful. They will pull Zionists out of their homes, revenge, and destroy them!


Some people off and on asked Imām Ṣādiq (pbuh), “Who are those powerful and severe servants, that will pull Zionists out of their houses and destroy them?

The Imām stated, “They are Iranian”. They kept on, “Is this event after The Emergence of Imām Zamān (mGehr) or before that?”

(According to some narrations,) he replied, “It’s before the Rise of Qā’im (mGehr)” Iranians will destroy Israel!


God knows, when Israel will be destroyed in the area, you will experience the security in all the countries! There will be peace in all the Islamic societies.

Since now, we advise the people to keep distance from Israelis; all the people are supposed to keep distance. No one is supposed to get closed to them; since, they will be destroyed any day now.


***O, Ibn al Ḥasan (mGehr)! We will destroy Israel, thank to your steps! ***

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