How can we avoid the fate which has been ordered to the angels to carry out?

When the fates and destinies of humans are determined by God, He orders the angels in order to carry out them [the fates and destinies]. For example, God orders His Excellency Azrael, “Take the soul of such person at such time!”

[In this regard,] Imām Ṣādiq (pbuh) states, “Even if people’s faiths are ordered from the heavens to the angels, praying can stop its being carried out!

(کافی، ج.2، ص.469)  امام صادق (ع): انّ الدّعایرُدّ القضاء و قد نَزلَ مِن السماء وقد اِبرَمَ اِبراما

It [praying] returns the judicial supplication, which has been sent down from the sky and has been decided for sure. (Al Kāfī, Vol. 2, P. 469)


2- How much should we pray for our wishes to come true?

[Related to the issue,] Imām Ṣādiq (pbuh) stated:

امام صادق(ع): فاکثر من الدعافانه مفتاح کل رحم ونجاح کل حاجه ولاینال ما عند الله الا بالدعاء ولیس باب یکثر قرعه الا یوشک ان یفتح لصاحبه (کافی، ج.2، ص.470)

Increasing supplication is the key to every relationship and the success of every need. What is with God cannot be obtained, except through supplication. And there is no door is knocked frequently, but it is about to be opened to the one who knocks on the door.

(Al Kāfī, Vol. 2, P. 470)


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