About Imām Zamān (mGehr)’s honorable mother

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When the ships that carry the captives landed on the shore, you can see a crowd of bondmen. Also, a group of deputies of Bani Abbās’s Emirs and a few Arab young men will gather around them. All day long, you have to be on the lookout for the slaver named “Amroo ibn Yazīd”. You will wait up to the time, he will introduce the bondwoman who has such and such features… she will wear a silk clothes.

1-It was a coin equal to 3.45 grams of gold.

God’s mystery poem

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Ali, the Arab’s king, Lion of God[1]

Had an affinity with midnight

Of his bosom, night was quite aware

God’s mystery had midnight as intimate

Giving Sufyanī and his followers, an ultimatum

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 Imām Mahdī (mgehr) will invite them, and reminds them his truthfulness. He will inform them that he is oppressed and his right will have been usurped, by force.

He will state, ‘Whoever bickers me over God, [must know that], I am the most deserving and nearest to God…’

However, Sufyanī will disobey The Excellency. Yet, The Excellency will set off to cleanse the world from his existence.

“The Divine Call” in Qurʾān

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If We wish We will send down to them a sign from the sky before which their heads will remain bowed in humility. (Sūrat Al- Shuʿarā/ Verse 4)

Among Aḥādīth, there are 9 narrations which agree that the above verse refers to The Divine Call. Five of them are authentic documents. I respectfully draw your attention to this reliable narration:

What you read are based on reliable Aḥādīth

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The Divine Call1 will be heard, throughout the east and west of the world. It means, all the people of the world [will hear it]. More interesting, each one will hear it in their own mother tongue. It’s no matter to be far or near; they will hear it from faraway as like as from nearby.

How will we recognize The Divine Call [of Gabriel]?

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[Once]They asked Imām Sadīq (pbuh), “Who can tell the true call from the fake [false], at that time?” The Imām (pbuh) “The people who narrate our Aḥādīth, will recognize it.”

[It seems, The Imām (pbuh) showed The [right] Path through the above sentence. That is, you should either become one of the Hadith tellers and the scholars, or seek it from those people.]

Qurʾān and “Al- Khasf bi l- Baydāʾ “

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Several times, the word “Khasf” and its derivations were referred to, in Holy Qurʾān.  For example: in Surah Al- Qasas, Verse 81 God stated,“Then We caused the earth to swallow him up and his house.”Also in Surah Al- Nahl, Verse 45, God stated,

The benefits of [knowing] The Emergence signs

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The Emergence signs and indications can be useful, at least in these two situations:1-    The situation when people are unaware of these issues [The Emergence issues]; because some agents of propaganda work less, or [because of] their negligence.