How will we recognize The Divine Call [of Gabriel]?

[Once]They asked Imām Sadīq (pbuh), “Who can tell the true call from the fake [false], at that time?” The Imām (pbuh) “The people who narrate our Aḥādīth, will recognize it.”

[It seems, The Imām (pbuh) showed The [right] Path through the above sentence. That is, you should either become one of the Hadith tellers and the scholars, or seek it from those people.]


[Once] Imām Baqīr (pbuh) stated, “The sign of The Divine Call is that, it calls out Qāʾim ’s and his father’s names.”


Some other [related] Divine Calls:

1-    Gabriel call, [which will be heard] after [people] swear allegiance with His Excellency Mahdī (mgehr).

2-    The Call which is likely to be in Rajab [two months before Ramaḍān].

3-    The Call of Khasf of Baydāʾ. This will be when, the head quarter of Sufyanī army enter in Baydāʾ area. There, the caller will call out, “O, Baydāʾ! Drown this crowd!” and the earth will swallow them.

4-    The Call of Wind. After His Excellency (mgehr) goes away from Ka’bah. The Almighty God will send a wind, which will call out in each area. “Here is Mahdī (mgehr) who judges like prophets David and Solomon (pbu th). And he doesn’t need any evident and witness.”


*Further information about the special words and names, was presented by the previous texts to dear readers.


Collection date:

5/ 24/ 2017


1-           Nuˈmani, Al- Ghaybah, Ch. 14, Ibid 13& 28.

2- Zamāni, Nedā -ye Āsemāni, Ch. 2

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