The young companions

ˈAbbas ibn ʿAlī (pbuh): [He was] a young very courageous flag- bearer and pioneer of Imām Huṣayne (pbuh). He was 34 at the martyr time, according to “Ibn Fanduq” ’s text.

ʿAlī ibn al- Huṣayne (pbuh); famous as ʿAlī Akbar: [He was born, early in ‘Uthman’s caliphate.] He was the most similar person to The Messenger of Allah [Muḥammad (pbuh&h)]. On ʻĀshūrā day, he was given the permission to went to battleground by his father… A group of historians referred to his blessed age at the time of martyrdom as 18, and others as 29.

Qāsim ibn al- Haṣan (pbuh): [He was] 16 years old at the time of martyrdom, according to ibn Fanduq’s text.

Ibrāhīm ibn ʿAlī: He was one of the martyrs of Karbalā. In “Lubāb al-Ansāb”, it has been written that Ibrāhīm was 20 when he becamebecame martyr.

Jaʿfar ibn ʿAlī: He was one of Fāṭimah Umm ul-Banin’s children; “Jaʿfar was 19 years old when he became martyr.” as quoted by Abu al-Faraj al-Isfahānī.

Uthmān ibn ʿAlī: [He] was again one of Imam ʿAlī (pbuh)’s children; he was also 21 years old, when he became martyred.

Abdullah: [He was] Muslim ibn Aqīl’s son. On ʻĀshūrā day, he caused a lot of damage to the rotten foundation of Banu Umayya1. His blessed age was 26, and Abdullah ibn Aqīl was 33, when they became martyr.

[Also] Abdullah ibn Muḥsin was 35, Jaʿfar ibn Aqīl was 32, Abū Bakr ibn ʿAlī was 25, and Abī Saʿīd’s son, Muḥammad was 27 years old when they became martyr.

After thebecame martyrdom of ʿAmr ibn Junāda at age of 11, his father also became martyr; serving Imām Huṣayne (pbuh)’s worship [fighting for the sake of God].

Muḥammad: He was Muslim ibn Aqīl’s other son, who went to the battleground with the Banū Hāshim and Abī Ṭālib’s children, on ʻĀshūrā day. And he attained martyrdom at agekk of 27.

There is a Ḥadīth which reads, “The companions and helpers of Imam Mahdī (mgehr) are of young people. And there is no one or few old ones among them. like kohl for eyes or like salt in food…!”

Yes … young people are at the frontline of the Emergence.



1-     The Banu Umayya, also known as the Umayyads, were a clan of the Quraysh tribe descended from Umayya ibn Abd Shams. The clan staunchly opposed the Islamic prophet Muḥammad, but eventually embraced Islam before the latter’s death in 632.

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