A moment to ponder!

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On the eve of Ramadan 17th, Prophet [Mu盧・ammad] (pbuh&h) went to the Miハソrト). The next morning, Satan came to his present and said:

O, the Messenger of God (pbuh&h)! The last night when you went to the Miハソrト), in the fourth heaven, there was a broken and burnt pulpit on the left side (Baitul Ma窶冦ur) that fell inverted. Did you know that pulpit, and did you find out whose it was?

ツTwo Kirト[ahs Imト[ Zamト] (mGehr) after the Emergence

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Facing the twelfth Imト[ (mGehr), Sayyid 盧、asanトォ, will ask, 窶廛o you have a reason, a miracle [it refers to Kirト[ahs] or a sign? There, the Imト[ (mGehr) looks at the sky, points to a bird which sits on his hand, speaks with the power of God and testifies to the Imamate of the Imト[!

If you like to visit Imト[ Zamト] (mGehr), read this text

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Sayyid Abd al- Karトォm Kaffト《h who sometimes visited the Excellency [Imト[ Zamト] (mGehr)]. [Later,] my father asked him, 窶楼, sir! Why do Imト[ Zamト] (mGehr) usually comes to see you?!窶 There, the very Sayyid Abd al Karトォm replied, 窶狼he sir [the Imト[] stated, 窶露 am coming to you, because you have left your self [ego]!

Supply and demand

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Supply is dependent on demand. All the religions around the world believe that a world peacemaker or a divine individual will come in the last era. However, this event depends on your demand.

ツI just recite 窶廾窶 ibn al- Ha盪」an (mgehr)!窶. We get together in religious gatherings, and we even express our grief by beating our breasts, but this type of reciting 窶廾窶 ibn al- Ha盪」an (mgehr)窶 is superficial! I just repeat it over and over; it hasn窶冲 been engraved on our hearts. If it had, we would have been obedient and submissive.

Solutions to Save the Religion in the Last Era

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窶廬 want to help the Emergence, I want to do something for the Emergence, I want to be present at that time and live then窶. So, what is the first thing to do for me, who wants to do something for Mahdism?

I should hold my faith firmly. Firstly, let窶冱 see when would be the Last Era. Is it right now? Anyway, let窶冱 first describe the characteristics of the Last Era, then we will continue the discussion.

Typology of Imト[ Zamト] (mGehr)窶冱 during his rise

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a-ツツツ Hypocrites

The first group who line up against His Excellency Mahdトォ (mGehr), are polytheists and disbelievers. Well, they claim that they are the head of people of the world. So, they see liberating movement of Imト[ Mahdトォ (mGehr) as a ban for their improper benefits.

Anyhow, the way of His Excellency Mahdトォ (mGehr)窶冱 deals with them, is as same as the Prophet (pbuh&h)窶冱.

The verses of holy Qurハセト], relating to Imト[ Zamト] (mGehr)

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ル異 ルル借ヲル拙ル リ」ル借ョル胎借アル壷リァ リケル勺ル壷ル詔ル リァルル坪ケル借ーリァリィル リ・ル拙ル俄 リ」ル詔ル胎借ゥル ルル借ケル坪ッル詔畏ッル借ゥル ルル杓雇勺ほ詔異ル詔ル胎 ルリァ ロ雇借ュル坪ィル切ウル詔ル リ」ル勺リァ ロ雇勺異壷ル ロ雇借」ル坪ェル摂雇ル拙ル ルル杓雇坪ウル ルル借オル坪アル詔異リァル リケル勺ル壷ル詔ル ル異 リュリァルほ リィル拙ル拙ル ルリァ ルリァルル詔畏ァ リィル拙ル ロ雇借ウル坪ェル勺ル坪イル切、ル詔ル

And if We defer their punishment until a certain time, they will surely say, 窶聾hat holds it back?窶 Look! On the day it overtakes them it shall not be turned away from them, and they will be besieged by what they used to deride.

The lifestyle for looking forward to the Emergence

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ツ They are creatures, so they are needy and weak.
They have two main aspects: mental and physical.
Human’s souls and bodies are affected by each other.
Human souls are eternal.
They are the noblest of creatures and have intrinsic and acquired dignity so that they can be superior to the angels.

Epics of the Last Era

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Well, you don窶冲 need to sacrifice your life! Come and care your brother窶冱 or friend窶冱 reputation as yours! These are Epics of the Last Era; you will be oppressed. Yes, nearer we get to the emergence, more oppressed we will be! ツKeep in mind, it窶冱 the autarchy modern type of being oppressed!