Others will be fond of the religion, if we benefit from the religion to achieve peacefulness

Calmness and convenience have both spiritual or mental, and physical or environmental aspects. Islam has also a lot of advice for physical calmness (such as hygiene and nutrition, the way of eating foods, and so on). But unfortunately, most of us do not observe them, and our bodies will be consequently hurt.

Faithful and unfaithful, and pious and impious will be distinguished, if they benefit from the religion to get calmness and convenience. Hence, the benefit of the religion will be apparent.

People will be inclined to the religion and love it, if the faithful benefit from their piety and faith to gain calmness, and have calm faces even in the peak of problems!

Many people are used to discomfort, so they never understand they are not calm! They even don’t look for it! Of the signs of being used to discomfort is that, when the problems of these people are over and they feel free, they will look for them; they cannot live without anxiety!

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