You need to endure toil [to make yourself perfect]!

June 6, 2023 0

The path of Imām Huṣayn (pbuh)* is as easy and available as going down the stairs; you can’t imagine how things went well!

The path of Imām Zamān**is vice versa! It’s as if, you are going uphill but you see there is a lot of gravel! Well, you will find a van [Satan], moving in front of you and shoveling gravel at your feet! The sand [or gravel] is starting to slip under your feet.

Epics of the Last Era

June 6, 2023 0

Well, you don’t need to sacrifice your life! Come and care your brother’s or friend’s reputation as yours! These are Epics of the Last Era; you will be oppressed. Yes, nearer we get to the emergence, more oppressed we will be!  Keep in mind, it’s the autarchy modern type of being oppressed!

The blessing: To be with Imām Zamān (mgehr)

May 14, 2023 0

O, fellows! I swear to God; we don’t know value the blessing of being with the Imām, because we haven’t experienced it! We haven’t experienced the sweetness of a look by Imām Zamān (mgehr). So, we usually don’t die for him!!

Visiting Imām Zamān (mGehr) by the scholar Baḥr al Ulum

May 14, 2023 0

One day Baḥr al Ulum accompanied the people who were beating their chests, along with some of his [religious] students. All of a sudden, the scholar Baḥr al Ulum was a great source of imitation in religious matters. left his turban and Arabian cloak on the ground and went into the mourning crowd, with the bare head and feet. He started beating on his head and chest, like other people who were beating on their chests. His students tried a lot to prevent him from that great suffering, but he didn’t let them!

Allegiance is not an easy matter

May 14, 2023 0

Behaving according to the phrase “Labbayk Yā Mahdī (mgehr)”1 is much harder than the phrase “Labbayk Yā Ḥusayn (pbuh)”

When you say “Labbayk Yā Ḥusayn (pbuh)”; That means, ‘I am ready to help you’. Just as the martyrs of Karbalā, who helped Abū ʿAbd Allāh Ḥusayn (pbuh).

How do Iran react to?

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In one of the verses in Qurʾān “Isrāʼ”, it connotes that, when our [stated by God] deadline about Zionists is over, we will Mab’uth [rise] some servants of God who are very strong humans. They will take each Zionists out of their houses one by one. Then they will avenge and perish them!

The world after Imām Mahdī (mGehr)’s martyrdom;

February 2, 2023 0

Of the deep beliefs among the Shia, is the belief in the reviving of two groups: True believers and pure disbelievers. As the people who have this view believe that, the world won’t be without any Ḥujjat, they describe the world after Imām Mahdī (mGehr)’s martyrdom in two ways:

Maybe this Friday… maybe ,(poem)

February 2, 2023 0

News spread that some news is on the way

Ecstatic would be the heart that is aware

Maybe this Friday he comes, maybe!

Unveils his face for us all, maybe!

Why are we expected to pray for Imām Zamān (mgehr)’s health?

January 27, 2023 0

Well, The Excellency Imām Zamān (mgehr) may get sick. He [may] get many sicknesses which we usually get. That’s not the case, God has not covered him in a foil, not to get any sicknesses! Yes, he is [sometimes] bothered by us; by us ourselves!  Also, he is bothered for the sake of us! Every one of us has annoyed him for many years. While, [if we were him,] we wouldn’t tolerate even one second of it