Al- Nafs al- Zakiyyah’s name and title

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In one or two narrations, they named [Al- Nafs] “Muḥammad ibn al- Haṣan”. But because they are weak in terms of document, they aren’t reliable.

In most narrations, he wasn’t pointed to by his real name. He was just pointed to, by the title or kind of that. They are such as:

1-    Al- Nafs: This refers to the very Nafs al- Zakiyyah. 

The meaning of Al- Nafs al- Zakiyyah

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Zakūt [literally] means purity, growth and evolution. Therefore, Zakiyyah probably has two meaning:

1-    Pure (which means, a person who hasn’t committed sin since her/ his birthday).

2-    A perfect person, learned and eminent.

To confirm the first meaning, Salmān narrated, “Be aware! A person with a pure and innocent Nafs [ego/soul] will come, who will be killed between Rukn and Maqām

What will Sufyanī do, after the Battle of Qirq?

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He will send two different armies to Median and Iraq, coincidently! Well, Imām Mahdī (mgehr)’s governing station is of special importance for him. Hence, he will rush into Shia- inhabited cities of Kūfah, and his huge attacks will strike the people!

Of the educational corruptions in The Last Era

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[Many] people’s concern is their bellies and passions. Yet, they don’t care how they earn livelihood [is it legit or not], and how to calm the passion! They care about colorful foods and drinks. And they have got used to be proud of their clothes and ranks! They make firm and beautiful palaces, [but they] teach each other the absurd lessons!

Of the corruptions, in The Last Era are:

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1-    Oppression will be extreme; the oppressor will be bloodthirsty like injurious wolves. Also homicide will increase! Some will kill others because of enmity.

Some will gather together to disperse [the people], and will be divided into sections to destroy unity. 

They will be so busy in dispersion, opposition and rebellion that their children and generation will become sinners and do forbidden things!

The ponderable comment of some scholars about crying for Imam Huṣayn (pbuh)

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They [the scholars] believe that one type of crying in Imam Huṣayn (pbuh)’s rite, is crying of fear.

It means that a person should fear, lest s/ he is among the inviters who wrote the letters and said,

“Our garden are ready, our streams are flowing and our farms are fresh and green and we are just looking forward to you [Imam Huṣayn (pbuh)] to come here.”

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Be sure we shall test you with something of fear and hunger, some loss in goods or lives or the fruits (of your toil), but give glad tidings to those who patiently persevere.

Abu Basire1 has narrated from Imām Sadīq (pbuh), that His Excellency stated:

Worms or [in fact] Seditions

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Imam Ali (pbuh) stated: “I give you an example; [imagine] an individual has some wheat. s/ he winnows them in order to sift and thresh, then s/ he stores the wheat in a room with doors closed…

After some times when s/ he opens the room, he finds out the wheat has been infested(with worms [The special worm, damaging wheat is called “weevil”!])