Convenience shouldn’t be destroyed; It should be controlled and managed

Seeking comfort [convenience] is of the nature of humans. But, it can be in an extreme state, transforming, and leads humans to fall. We are not supposed to destroy seeking comfort in ourselves; instead, we should control and manage it. This doesn’t mean to remove all the comforts! On the contrary, we are supposed to provide ourselves with comforts and convenience.

Feeling comfort (the acceptable comfort and good seeking comfort) makes humans to be relax in the troubles and suffering. Above all, a sign of the sound life is that, humans are expected to stay calm in a sea of troubles.

There is nothing wrong with getting comfortable in a positive way, but also there are some ways to gain it, based on some narrations. [Read the following narration:]


الزُّهد فی الدنیا الراحهُ  العُظمَی.  (غرر الحکم/ 1316)

Asceticism [piety] is the greatest comfort in the world. (Ghurar al Hikam/ 1316)

Therefore, the answer of the question “How can we live calmer?” is “Being pious”.



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