Convenience shouldn’t be destroyed; It should be controlled and managed

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Seeking comfort [convenience] is of the nature of humans. But, it can be in an extreme state, transforming, and leads humans to fall. We are not supposed to destroy seeking comfort in ourselves; instead, we should control and manage it. This doesn’t mean to remove all the comforts! On the contrary, we are supposed to provide ourselves with comforts and convenience.

While Imām Mahdī (mGehr)’s Hujjah [Mahdaviiat] was clear, why did some Shiites consider “Nafs al- Zakiyyah1” or “Muḥammad ibn Hanafiyyah” as Imām Mahdī (mGehr)?!

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Although in some Aḥādīth which are about Imām Mahdī (mGehr)’s rise, by the Messenger of God (pbuh&h) and his Ahl al Bayt (pbu th), it has been clarified that he is definitely the son of 11th Imām “Askarī (pbuh)”, because the people knew all Ahl al Bayt (pbu th) as “The best guide for people” and “Guided By God”; therefore, facing cruelty and violation, they took refuge to one of them as “Imām Mahdī (mGehr)” [It was a sort of psychological need to a divine Imām]. They would also take some other people with themselves.

How can we avoid the fate which has been ordered to the angels to carry out?

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When the fates and destinies of humans are determined by God, He orders the angels in order to carry out them [the fates and destinies]. For example, God orders His Excellency Azrael, “Take the soul of such person at such time!”

[In this regard,] Imām Ṣādiq (pbuh) states, “Even if people’s faiths are ordered from the heavens to the angels, praying can stop its being carried out!

How does His Excellency [Mahdī (mGehr)] get food, clothes and inhabitance and what are them?

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Since we don’t have any narration related to this point, we suppose the Excellency’s food, clothes and inhabitance are natural and usual. It’s because, based on divine tradition, the world of creation has fixed usual laws, except some occasions.

Therefore, the Imām (mGehr) has a normal body and uses ordinary food, too. Although, God sometimes sends a heavenly gift to the Excellency, as it was granted to Her Excellency Mary (pbuh) and others.

Allamah Baḥr al Ulūm (mGbhs) and Imām Zamān (mGehr)

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Once I went to Kūfah Mosque. I saw my Sir, Walī Aşr (mGehr) was busy with worshipping. There, I stood up and said Hi. He answered my hello and ordered me to get nearer. I just went a little forward, because of the ethics. He stated, ‘Come nearer!’  And I just went a little forward. Again he stated, ‘Come nearer!’ When I got nearer, he affectionately embraced me and kept me tight on his chest.

Then, whatever The Almighty God wanted, was transferred to my heart and chest….

The review of the prophet hood claim of Aḥmad Basrī

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Followers of Aḥmad Hamboushī claim that, according to authentic narrations from Ahl al-Bayt (pbu th), Imām Zamān (mgehr) had some children during his Major Occultation. One of whom is Aḥmad Ismail Hamboushī, whose one of the followers wrote, “I have proven in this research that, surly the narrations him are numerous, from the authentic documents, helpful for faiths”

Surely, I have proven in this research, that the narrations about the offspring are great in number, as well as having authentic document, which may be advantageous to the faith.

The debate among Shaykh Bahāʾi and Shāfiʿī about Her Majesty al-Zahrā (pbuh)

December 2, 2023 0

It has been mentioned in the book Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī that, the Holy Prophet (Pbuh&h) stated,

إِنَّ فَاطِمَةَ بَضْعَةٌ مِنِّی‏، مَنْ آذَاهَا فَقَدْ آذَانِی، وَ مَنْ غَاظَهَا فَقَدْ غَاظَنِی

Which means, “Fātimā (Pbuh) is part of me; whoever hurts her, they have hurt me. And whoever delights her, they have delighted me”.  (Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī, publ. Dār Al-Jalīl, Beirut, V.7, P.47)

It also has been mentioned in four other pages that,

 “وَ خَرَجَتْ فاطِمَةُ مِنَ الدُّنْیا وَ هِیَ غاضِبَةٌ عَلَیْهِما”

Which means, Fātimā (Pbuh) passed away, while she was angry with them: Abū Bakr and ‘Umar ibn al-Khattab.  (Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī, V.9, P.185, And Faḍāʾil Khamise men al-Sahāh al-Sitta, V.3, P.190).

So, according to the principles of Sunnites, how can these two narrations fit together?

A moment to ponder!

December 1, 2023 0

On the eve of Ramadan 17th, Prophet [Muḥammad] (pbuh&h) went to the Miʿrāj. The next morning, Satan came to his present and said:

O, the Messenger of God (pbuh&h)! The last night when you went to the Miʿrāj, in the fourth heaven, there was a broken and burnt pulpit on the left side (Baitul Ma’mur) that fell inverted. Did you know that pulpit, and did you find out whose it was?

Some characteristics of the society who look forward to the Emergence

November 30, 2023 0

In Ayatollah Khāmeneī’s point of view, the first and the most significant characteristic of the society which looks forward to the Emergence is that it has firm faith in the victory of truth against falsehood. Also, [it firm faith in]  the sure fulfillment of God’s promise which will be the result of spreading justice, due to the emergence of the Promised Savior “His Excellency Mahdii (mGehr)”.

Fake followers

November 29, 2023 0

The important enemies of the women who look forward to the Emergence are called “fake followers” who are Satan, its agents [devils], and the ego of the people!

A woman who looks forward to the emergence is expected to be more alert and not to be tricked and seduced by Satan through showing off her feminine features, luxuriating, diversification, and elegance.