The lifestyle for looking forward to the Emergence

June 8, 2023 0

  They are creatures, so they are needy and weak.
They have two main aspects: mental and physical.
Human’s souls and bodies are affected by each other.
Human souls are eternal.
They are the noblest of creatures and have intrinsic and acquired dignity so that they can be superior to the angels.

Observing the devil !!

June 6, 2023 0

Iblis really observes the movements in this world. He observes the steps that believers go through to attend in the Emergence Era; It’s not like he is not aware of what’s happening in this world.

The words of the [infallible Shia] Imams and the scholars about Imām Mahdī

May 14, 2023 0

I asked ‘Allāmah Tabataba’i if it is possible to visit His Excellency [Sāhib al- Zamān (mgehr)] or no?! He returned, ‘Yes, but on three conditions: Being completely pious, feeling a great love [to the Imām (mGehr)], and being persistent in reciting Zīyāra Āl Yāsīn (the long version).’ (Gham-e Eshgh, P. 90)

Who was ʿAlī b. Mahziyār?

May 14, 2023 0

O, Alī! I tested you in following and performing orders, well-wishing, and advising (and you were successful in them.) Thus, if I say that I haven’t seen anyone like you, it is not a lie! May God reward you with paradise and those high positions you do not know! I did not overlook your position and your services in the cold and the hot times.

Visiting Imām Zamān (mGehr) by the scholar Baḥr al Ulum

May 14, 2023 0

One day Baḥr al Ulum accompanied the people who were beating their chests, along with some of his [religious] students. All of a sudden, the scholar Baḥr al Ulum was a great source of imitation in religious matters. left his turban and Arabian cloak on the ground and went into the mourning crowd, with the bare head and feet. He started beating on his head and chest, like other people who were beating on their chests. His students tried a lot to prevent him from that great suffering, but he didn’t let them!

How do Iran react to?

May 14, 2023 0

In one of the verses in Qurʾān “Isrāʼ”, it connotes that, when our [stated by God] deadline about Zionists is over, we will Mab’uth [rise] some servants of God who are very strong humans. They will take each Zionists out of their houses one by one. Then they will avenge and perish them!

The goodness of the Last Era

February 2, 2023 0

When wickedness increases in the Last Era; well, you can say that goodness also increases. It is foolish that an individual just sees one side of a fact, and leaves the other side. Rather, it is wise to see both sides.