The youth are in need of sex!

November 30, 2023 0

You, the youngsters who are living in this era and time! Know that [true] living and supporting religion/ religiosity is very difficult!

The age of marriage has increased; there is a need for sex too. Well, it’s not possible to get married [due to the inflation]! Yet, they [the girls on the street] have been passing by you; wearing leggings. The same happens for the girls too! Today, you are supporting the religion, Honest to God.

Supply and demand

August 8, 2023 0

Supply is dependent on demand. All the religions around the world believe that a world peacemaker or a divine individual will come in the last era. However, this event depends on your demand.

 I just recite “O’ ibn al- Haṣan (mgehr)!”. We get together in religious gatherings, and we even express our grief by beating our breasts, but this type of reciting “O’ ibn al- Haṣan (mgehr)” is superficial! I just repeat it over and over; it hasn’t been engraved on our hearts. If it had, we would have been obedient and submissive.

Solutions to Save the Religion in the Last Era

August 8, 2023 0

“I want to help the Emergence, I want to do something for the Emergence, I want to be present at that time and live then”. So, what is the first thing to do for me, who wants to do something for Mahdism?

I should hold my faith firmly. Firstly, let’s see when would be the Last Era. Is it right now? Anyway, let’s first describe the characteristics of the Last Era, then we will continue the discussion.