Calamities and Reading prayers

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Once, Imām Ṣādiq (pbuh) stated to his companions, ‘Can you recognize whether the disaster you suffer, will last long or not?’ The companions said, ‘No!’ The Imām reacted, ‘whenever reading is inspired [and you perform it] to each of you, it means the disaster doesn’t last [and it will be]!’   (Kāfī, Vol. 2, P. 470)

2-    Why are the healthy people expected to read prayers as the sick people?

Typology of Imām Zamān (mGehr)’s during his rise

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a-    Hypocrites

The first group who line up against His Excellency Mahdī (mGehr), are polytheists and disbelievers. Well, they claim that they are the head of people of the world. So, they see liberating movement of Imām Mahdī (mGehr) as a ban for their improper benefits.

Anyhow, the way of His Excellency Mahdī (mGehr)’s deals with them, is as same as the Prophet (pbuh&h)’s.

The similarities between Imām Mahdī (mGehr) and Imām Husayn (pbuh)

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Infact, The Qā’im (mGehr)calls out his name* on the twenty-third night [of Ramadhan], and rises on the day of Ashurā, the day Huṣayn ibn Alī (pbuh) was killed.

2- Imām Huṣayn (pbuh)’ Rajʽa will be after Mahdī (mGehr)’s emergence:

According to many narrations, Imām Huṣayn (pbuh) and his companions (mGbths) will Rajʽa [return] and help Imām Mahdī (mGehr), after the formation of the Mahdavī government.

The other technique of the enemies against The Emergence, is destruction.

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Destruction is done in two ways:

a ) Inducing doubt: They [the enemies] destroy the addresses’ minds and distort the belief, by coining some questions and doubts, in a cunning way!
b) Humiliation and ridiculing: As in the early Islamic Era, the enemies usually ridicule the believers.

Have we ever had any divine call in the past?

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When His Excellency ʿAlī (pbuh) showed those brevities and sacrifices in in the Battle of Uhud1, Gabriel called,”الاسیف الّا دوالفقار، ولا فتی الّا علی”2 And the people who were present, heard it from the sky…

Zayd ibn Wahab3 told Ibn Masūd4, ‘ʿAlī resistance in Uhud was the matter of marvel!’

Ibn Masud reacted, ‘You are not the only one who wonders! Even the other angels were verily marveled! Haven’t you heard that while he was ascending to sky, Gabriel called, “الاسیف الّا دوالفقار، ولا فتی الّا علی?!

The signs to recognize and identify Imām Mahdī (mgehr), from false claimers.

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If you have doubts about the event [The Emergence], you will become sure by: seeing “Prophet of God (pbuh&h)’s promise, the flag, the arm”1, and one of Imām Huṣayn (pbuh)’s offspring “Nafs al- Zakiyyah”. But if you have doubts again, you will become definite by hearing “The Divine Call2” which calls upon his [Imām Mahdī (mgehr)’s] name and his divine duty3. (Tafsīr al- Najashi, Volume 1, Page 65)

The objective of Nafs al- Zakiyyah

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There isn’t any valid account of “The goal of Nafs al- Zakiyyah by his activities which will lead him to martyrdom”! Therefore, the following cases aren’t conclusive:

1-    He will be sent to Mecca by Imām al -ˈAsre [Imām Zamān (mgehr)], in order to give ultimatum1. So, they won’t later have any excuse not to help the Imām (mgehr).

Al- Nafs al- Zakiyyah’s name and title

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In one or two narrations, they named [Al- Nafs] “Muḥammad ibn al- Haṣan”. But because they are weak in terms of document, they aren’t reliable.

In most narrations, he wasn’t pointed to by his real name. He was just pointed to, by the title or kind of that. They are such as:

1-    Al- Nafs: This refers to the very Nafs al- Zakiyyah. 

The meaning of Al- Nafs al- Zakiyyah

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Zakūt [literally] means purity, growth and evolution. Therefore, Zakiyyah probably has two meaning:

1-    Pure (which means, a person who hasn’t committed sin since her/ his birthday).

2-    A perfect person, learned and eminent.

To confirm the first meaning, Salmān narrated, “Be aware! A person with a pure and innocent Nafs [ego/soul] will come, who will be killed between Rukn and Maqām

The terrible battle of Qirq

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After suppressing the opponents, Sufyanī and his large army, will rush into Iraq. So they will head Iraq. When they reach toQirq (Acity in Syria where khabur and Euphrates rivers meet) there will happen a battle and many people will be killed! Perhaps the reasonof such a decimation, is resisting the rulers of the land against Sufyanī’s avarice.