The terrible battle of Qirq

After suppressing the opponents, Sufyanī and his large army, will rush into Iraq. So they will head Iraq. When they reach toQirq (Acity in Syria where khabur and Euphrates rivers meet) there will happen a battle and many people will be killed! Perhaps the reasonof such a decimation, is resisting the rulers of the land against Sufyanī’s avarice.

They narrated anauthentic hadith from Imām Baqīr (pbuh), that he stated:

[In the Emergence Era] Sufyanī’s army will arrive Georgia. There will happen a battle, in which 100000 cruel people. (Ghayba Numani, Chapter 14, Ibid 67).

According to some narrations:

1-    Qirqbattle will definitely happen.

2-    Both involved armies are wrong kinds; one side is Sufyanī.

3-    This battle will cause many fatality, but Sufyanī’s army will win despite this decimation.


For further study, refer to the book “A New Reflection on the Signs of Emergence” by Professor Nosratallah Ayati.


Collection date:

2017/28/ 5



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