Āshūrāii women; The women who look forward to the Emergence

When piety is the criterion of value, the gender isn’t main.

Its high time, we recall Siyaneh1 who was a stylist in Ferˈon’s castle. She was a martyr in the right path [Path of God] who will (Rajˈat2) return to the world after the emergence.

Historically, there have been the women who were bright. Of the most well- known and brilliant ones are: Their Excellencies Fatimah, Maryam, and Asiya (pbu th).

When Imām Huṣayn (pbuh)’s rose, some women played effective roles:

[For example;] To’e sheltered to Moslem ibn ‘Aghil. Zuhayr’s wife sent her husband, to the convoy of the Imām (pbuh) and the people who would be martyrs in Karbalā.

‘Abdoulah ibn Umayr’s mother, who intended to battlefield and fight, even after her son was martyr.

And the best was, Her Excellency Zaynab al-Kubrā3 (pbuh) “The heroin of Karbalā movement”. She was of the symbol of patience and perseverance against hypocrisy.

Today in The Occultation Era, there are also virtuous, faithful and religious women are religious too who will The Excellency (mgehr) His Excellency.



1-  Siyaneh was the daughter of Fer’on’s hairstylist. And she was prophet Hezbil’s wife (pbuh), who was mentioned as the belief of dynasty of Fer’on in Qur’an. Having firm faith, patience and endurance, this Lady did an outstanding reaction in history. In the book “Khasāes Fātemiyeh”, it was narrated that in the government of Imam Zamān(mgehr) thirteen women will Rajˈat to this world for helping to cure the wounded. One of them is Siyaneh al –Māsheteh. (Māsheteh means, hair stylist).

2-Rajʿa is the belief that a group of people who have died will return to the Earth shortly after the Emergence of the twelfth Shi’a Imām, al-Mahdī (mgehr). It is a belief particular to the Shi’a Muslims. The Qur’an has mentioned the story of some people who have been resurrected after death. Based on some hadiths, a number of perfect believers as well as a number of complete infidels will return to this world. The return of Imam ʿAlī (pbuh) and Imām al-Huṣayn (pbuh) has been especially emphasized. Since there are Mutawātir hadiths about Raj ‘a, it is a certain fact.

3-Her Excellency Zaynab (pbuh) was Imām Alie (pbuh)’s daughter. She was very brave, patient and a knowing woman. All her sons became martyrs in the event of Karbalā. and she tolerated all those  unbelievable shocking disasters

At the first day of Safar, according to a narration of Turabi, when they arrived at Damascus, they and the heads of fallen ones were taken into Yazīd’s presence. The identity of each head and killed people were explained to him. Then he paid attention to an objecting woman. Yazīd asked: “Who is this arrogant woman?” The woman rose to answer and said: “Why are you asking them [the women]? Ask me. I will tell you. I am the granddaughter of Muḥammad. I am the daughter (pbuh&h) of Fatimah (pbuh).” People at the court were impressed and amazed by her.

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