How does His Excellency [Mahdī (mGehr)] get food, clothes and inhabitance and what are them?

Since we don’t have any narration related to this point, we suppose the Excellency’s food, clothes and inhabitance are natural and usual. It’s because, based on divine tradition, the world of creation has fixed usual laws, except some occasions.

Therefore, the Imām (mGehr) has a normal body and uses ordinary food, too. Although, God sometimes sends a heavenly gift to the Excellency, as it was granted to Her Excellency Mary (pbuh) and others.

According to the narrations, there have been 30 people who are the Excellency’s friends and servants.

In Volume 1, Page 340 of “Uṣūl Kāfī”, which is the most authentic Shi’a book, it was mentioned:

The Sir who is Occulted [Imām Mahdī (mGehr)], is necessarily in this occasion. Yet, he has to be alone and in solitude. But, Tayyabah “The city of Medina” is a good location for him. As he has 30 friends, he doesn’t feel alone or afraid.

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