Fake followers

The important enemies of the women who look forward to the Emergence are called “fake followers” who are Satan, its agents [devils], and the ego of the people!

A woman who looks forward to the emergence is expected to be more alert and not to be tricked and seduced by Satan through showing off her feminine features, luxuriating, diversification, and elegance.

[As it was mentioned above,] other enemies of the woman who look forward to the emergence, which blocks her way so that he does not join the camp of His Excellency Mahdii (mGehr)’s companions. But as humans have free will, they can freely choose the divine or evil way.

Yet, if they don’t protect their main powers: Thought, passion, and anger to pave the path of divine nature which is the very path of balance, they will accept Satan’s invitation, whether or not.

Gaining the power to control the ego and restrain this headstrong horse in the worldly delicious pasture, is one of the important missions of the waiting woman.

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