Artificial jewelries

ツWithholding Khums

Imト[ Ri盧再 (pbuh) stated, 窶弃aying Khums, is the key of your aliment and livelihood [leads to livelihood]. Also, it cleanses you from sins and it窶冱 a reserve for the Day of Miser (The Day of Reckoning).窶

1-Y. Kulaynトォ, U盪」ナォl Kト’トォ, Vol. 1, P. 547.



Imト[ Bト〈ir (pbuh) stated:

I wonder when a group of people withhold eating some edible things, in order to become healthy, but they do not withhold committing sins to be mentally/ morally healthy!窶

1-ツツツツ 盧、. Al-ハソトmili, Wasa’il al-Shia,


Artificial jewelries

Why do they make artificial jewelries?!

Some opportunists make a similar product for every valuable and luxurious product! They have made the fake and artificial ones of whatever is originality and value. For example, no one thinks of producing fake 7000 Tumト] bills. Unlikely, there are some people who have been producing 50000 fake Tumト] bills. Well, this [the second one] has value and status in the eyes of the beloved ones.

Now, as Mahdaviiat is original and very worthy, fraudsters and profiteers are seeking to offer the fake ones; like the false claimants of “Special Helpers Special delegates [of the Imト[], and being Imト[ Zamト] (mGehr)!!!

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