Have we ever had any divine call in the past?

When His Excellency ʿAlī (pbuh) showed those brevities and sacrifices in in the Battle of Uhud1, Gabriel called,”الاسیف الّا دوالفقار، ولا فتی الّا علی”2 And the people who were present, heard it from the sky…

Zayd ibn Wahab3 told Ibn Masūd4, ‘ʿAlī resistance in Uhud was the matter of marvel!’

Ibn Masud reacted, ‘You are not the only one who wonders! Even the other angels were verily marveled! Haven’t you heard that while he was ascending to sky, Gabriel called, “الاسیف الّا دوالفقار، ولا فتی الّا علی?!

Zayd wondered, ‘How did they [the people] know, it was Gabriel’s call?!

Ibn Masud replied, ‘They heard a very loud call from the sky. There they asked The Prophet (pbuh&h) about it. He stated, ‘This is Gabriel’s call.”

Moreover, in the second volume of [the book] Biḥār al- Anwār there is a Ḥadīth as:

After His Excellency ʿAlī (pbuh)’s martyrdom, Gabriel called so loud that each person who was awake could hear it. He called, ‘I swear by God, the bases of guidance were already destroyed. [The spiritual] starlight in the sky and the piety signs were disappeared5. The tight string was torn. [Oh] Muḥammad the Mustafā6(pbuh&h)’s uncle’s son was killed…, the successor and selected one was killed…

1&2- What Gabriel called in Uhud, literally means: There is no hero but ʿAlī (pbuh), and no sword such as Zulfiqar. The Battle of Uhud was between early Muslims and Qurayshi Meccan enemies.

3- Zayd ibn Wahab Juhānī, was the first one who put together the book “Khutab I ʿAlī (pbuh) [ʿAlī (pbuh)’as sermons].

4- Ibn Masūd was one of Prophet Muḥammad (pbuh7h)’s companion.

5- All of these symbols are used to describe Imām ʿAlī (pbuh).

6- Mustafā means, The Chosen one.


Collection date:

5/ 28/ 2017


1-Ibn Babawayh, Al- Khisal, Vol. 2, Ps. 600& 607

2- Shaykh Mufid, Al- Irshād, Vol. 1, Ps. 87& 83

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