M like Mother!

Although there is not any available, and clearly explicit biography of Imām Mahdī (mgehr)’s mother, based on the well- known assumption_ from some narrations_ she played the role of a slave who had been captured in the war, in order to join Imām Askarī (pbuh)’s respected family at last. [It had been planned before, by Imām Askarī (pbuh)’s father; Imām Hādī (pbuh) in order to save her. Then she married Imām Askarī, as she had dreamt it in a heavenly dream.]

One of the narrations as an example, explained that [before being slave in the war], she had been a Roman princess who joined Imām Askari (pbuh)’s honorable household.

In a detailed story, Shaykh Saduq (rah) described the event which is so unputdownable.


For future reading, refer to the old book “Kamāl al- Dīn wa Tamām al- Niˈmah”, Volume 2, Chapter 41. (Note: The volumes with Persian translation, are available in some bookstores).


Collection date:

3/ 30/ 2016


Shaykh Sadooq, Kamāl al-Dīn wa Tamām al- Niˈmah, the biography of Imām Mahdī (mgehr)’s mother” The Roman princess”.

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