M like Mother!

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Although there is not any available, and clearly explicit biography of Imām Mahdī (mgehr)’s mother, based on the well- known assumption_ from some narrations_ she played the role of a slave who had been captured in the war, in order to join Imām Askarī (pbuh)’s respected family at last. [It had been planned before, by Imām Askarī (pbuh)’s father; Imām Hādī (pbuh) in order to save her. Then she married Imām Askarī, as she had dreamt it in a heavenly dream.]

The signs to recognize and identify Imām Mahdī (mgehr), from false claimers.

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If you have doubts about the event [The Emergence], you will become sure by: seeing “Prophet of God (pbuh&h)’s promise, the flag, the arm”1, and one of Imām Huṣayn (pbuh)’s offspring “Nafs al- Zakiyyah”. But if you have doubts again, you will become definite by hearing “The Divine Call2” which calls upon his [Imām Mahdī (mgehr)’s] name and his divine duty3. (Tafsīr al- Najashi, Volume 1, Page 65)

The objective of Nafs al- Zakiyyah

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There isn’t any valid account of “The goal of Nafs al- Zakiyyah by his activities which will lead him to martyrdom”! Therefore, the following cases aren’t conclusive:

1-    He will be sent to Mecca by Imām al -ˈAsre [Imām Zamān (mgehr)], in order to give ultimatum1. So, they won’t later have any excuse not to help the Imām (mgehr).

Al- Nafs al- Zakiyyah’s name and title

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In one or two narrations, they named [Al- Nafs] “Muḥammad ibn al- Haṣan”. But because they are weak in terms of document, they aren’t reliable.

In most narrations, he wasn’t pointed to by his real name. He was just pointed to, by the title or kind of that. They are such as:

1-    Al- Nafs: This refers to the very Nafs al- Zakiyyah. 

The meaning of Al- Nafs al- Zakiyyah

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Zakūt [literally] means purity, growth and evolution. Therefore, Zakiyyah probably has two meaning:

1-    Pure (which means, a person who hasn’t committed sin since her/ his birthday).

2-    A perfect person, learned and eminent.

To confirm the first meaning, Salmān narrated, “Be aware! A person with a pure and innocent Nafs [ego/soul] will come, who will be killed between Rukn and Maqām

The Fulfilment of the Divine Universal Government

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Do you know how much efforts have been made in the history of Islām, to fulfil the divine universal government?

Prophet Muḥammad (pbuh&h)’s Beˈthat [prophetic mission] was an introduction for the globalization of Islām. The other introduction for globalization of Islām was “Event of Ghadīr Khum1”.

The Event of ʻĀshūrā was the clearest sample of the efforts and concerns by Imām Huṣayne (pbuh) and his companions, for globalization and internationalization of Islām…

“The Divine Call” in Qurʾān

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If We wish We will send down to them a sign from the sky before which their heads will remain bowed in humility. (Sūrat Al- Shuʿarā/ Verse 4)

Among Aḥādīth, there are 9 narrations which agree that the above verse refers to The Divine Call. Five of them are authentic documents. I respectfully draw your attention to this reliable narration:

The allegories and similes [made] to “Name Mahdavī books”

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Some Mahdavi books whose names are in the form of The allegories and similes, are as follows:

1-    “Osāre ye- Khelqat” by Ayatullah Jawādī Amoli,

2-    “Negin e Āfarinesh” by a group of the authors,

3-    “Ākharin Omiid” by Dāwood Elhāmi,