Al- Nafs al- Zakiyyah’s name and title

In one or two narrations, they named [Al- Nafs] “Muḥammad ibn al- Haṣan”. But because they are weak in terms of document, they aren’t reliable.

In most narrations, he wasn’t pointed to by his real name. He was just pointed to, by the title or kind of that. They are such as:

1-    Al- Nafs: This refers to the very Nafs al- Zakiyyah.

2-    Ḥarām [oppressed] Nafs: It means, killing such a pure and innocent person is illegal.

3-    Al- Nafs al- Tayyibah1 al- Zakiyyah.

4-    The young man who is of [Prophet] Muḥammad (pbuh&h)’s off spring.

5-    Al- Dam al-Ḥarām: It means, shedding his blood is illegal/unlawful.


1-     Tayyibah means virtuous.

For more details, refer to the following book:

A Reflection on the certain signs of the Emergence, p. 228


Collection Date:

5/ 28/ 2017



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