The signs to recognize and identify Imām Mahdī (mgehr), from false claimers.

[In this respect,] Imām Baqīr (pbuh) stated:

If you have doubts about the event [The Emergence], you will become sure by: seeing “Prophet of God (pbuh&h)’s promise, the flag, the arm”1, and one of Imām Huṣayn (pbuh)’s offspring “Nafs al- Zakiyyah”. But if you have doubts again, you will become definite by hearing “The Divine Call2” which calls upon his [Imām Mahdī (mgehr)’s] name and his divine duty3. (Tafsīr al- Najashi, Volume 1, Page 65)

[The collector: The first signs will be enough to recognize Imām Mahdī (mgehr).]

Well, the signs of [The Last Era which lead to] the Emergence” may happen much sooner than the emergence4. the emergence signs which are to identify and recognize Imām Mahdī (mgehr), will be definitely seen near the time of the emergence. In this way, they will prove and confirm the event.

Imām Sadīq (pbuh) stated, ‘The interval between these two events “The Rise [the emergence] of Qa’im (mgehr)” and “Nafs al- Zakiyyah’s martyrdom” is just fifteen nights.  (Kamāl al- Dīn, Chapter 57, Ibid. 2)


1-     “The Promise”, is a title for Imām Mahdī (mgehr). Before prophet Muḥammad (pbuh&h) died, he called the Imām (mgehr) as The Promise who rises in the last period of the Last Era. By flag and arm, it refers to The Prophet (pbuh&h)’s special flag and arm, which will have been hold in Imām Mahdī (mgehr)’s hand as the signs.

2-     It refers to The Call of Gabriel before the emergence.

3-     The Imām (mgehr)’s duty is to save people of the world from all cruelty, ignorance, wrongs, and to provide justice, peace, and satisfaction.

4-     There are a lot of uncertain [minor] sings, which some of them have already happened in the world, like: judging based on lie, increasing usury, scandal and corruption, exhumation, etc.



Collection date:

5/ 28/ 2017



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