The meaning of Al- Nafs al- Zakiyyah

Zakūt [literally] means purity, growth and evolution. Therefore, Zakiyyah probably has two meaning:

1-    Pure (which means, a person who hasn’t committed sin since her/ his birthday).

2-    A perfect person, learned and eminent.

To confirm the first meaning, Salmān1 narrated, “Be aware! A person with a pure and innocent Nafs [ego/soul] will come, who will be killed between Rukn and Maqām…2”

In regard with the second meaning, we should mention:

A-  As the Emergence is the most important event in the world, its signs are of the specific importance too.

B-  Choosing Masjid al- Ḥarām3 in order to kill him [Al- Nafs al- Zakiyyah], shows the murderers won’t manage to catch, delay in killing, or take her/ him out of Masjid al- Ḥarām. They will see it better to desecrate Masjid al- Ḥarām, and kill him in this holy place.


1-Salmān the Persian or Salmān al-Farsi born Rūzbeh or Māhbeh, was a companion of the Islamic prophet Muḥammad and the first Persian who converted to Islām. During some of his later meetings with the other Sahabah, he was referred to by the kunya Abu Abdullah (“Father of Abdullah”). He is credited with the suggestion of digging a trench around Medina when it was attacked by Mecca in the Battle of the Trench. He was raised as a Zoroastrian, then attracted to Christianity, and then converted to Islam after meeting Muhammad in the city of Yathrib, which later became Medina. According to some traditions, he was appointed as the governor of Al-Mada’in in Iraq. According to popular tradition, Muhammad considered Salman as part of his household (Ahl al-Bayt). He was a renowned follower of Ali ibn Abi Talib after the death of Muḥammad.

2-     Rukn refers to the position of the specific black stone “Hajar al- Aswad”, which was brought from heaven to prophet Ibrāhīm (pbuh).  And Maqam refers to prophet Ibrāhīm (pbuh)’s foot trace.

3-     It refers to Ka’bah and it means, the sacred mosque


Collection date:

5/ 28/ 2017

A Reflection in the Emergence signs. P.225


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