The fragrance of… , whose shirt[1]?!

It has been narrated that after Prophet Joseph (pbuh) returned to Canaan, Prophet Jacob (pbuh) insisted him to tell his story,

So Joseph (pbuh) told the story till when “His brothers took off his clothes and threw him into the well”

At this time Prophet Jacob (pbuh) fainted!!

A group pf authors, From the Euphrates to Euphrates, Vol. 1, P.28

There is no doubt, that the story of Prophet Joseph (pbuh) and Imam Ḥusayn (pbuh) are not comparable.

But while he had a high spiritual power, Prophet Jacob (pbuh) could not withstand the disaster happened to Joseph (pbuh).

Be honest…which one of us has ever fainted, because of the disasters happened to Imam Ḥusayn (pbuh)!?

As a poet said:

Go into fire to feel how I am feeling

You cannot feel burning just by watching!

The event of Āshūrā was a disaster that Imam Ḥusayn (pbuh) withstood, in order to guide us.

If an individual realizes the greatness of ʻĀshūrā, s/ he will surely find that Satan’s activities were defeated on that day, and also it will not be lasting.

So, s/ he will believe it will come to an end.

Here, the disaster of Imam Huṣayn (pbuh) relates to the disaster of Imam Zamān (mgehr);

He also considers The Major Occultation Era is big [suffering] divine test for Imam Zamān (mgehr) – since it has prevented his majesty from fulfilling the God’s promise about taking revenge on murderers of his gracious ancestor [Imam Huṣayn (pbuh)] – So he would wish as:

“I beg Allah, who honoured you above others, to be generous towards me on account of you, and give me the opportunity to be with the victorious Imam, the descendent of Muḥammad (blessings and peace be on him and on his children from Allah).” (Part of ʻĀshūrā prayer)

1-     Not only did prophet Josef (pbuh)’s shirt have special fragrance, when his father smelled it, but also Imām Huṣayn (pbuh)’s shirt was sweet- smelling when he died on Ashūrā Day.
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