Hadiths of the Imams

April 5, 2020 0

What you are expected to do Imam Sadiq( pbuh) said: I don’t like to see any youth among you [the Shiites], but of 2 types: […]

The fragrance of… , whose shirt[1]?!

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It has been narrated that after Prophet Joseph (pbuh) returned to Canaan, Prophet Jacob (pbuh) insisted him to tell his story,

So Joseph (pbuh) told the story till when “His brothers took off his clothes and threw him into the well”

At this time Prophet Jacob (pbuh) fainted!!

A group pf authors, From the Euphrates to Euphrates, Vol. 1, P.28

Let’s do not make him ashamed!

June 19, 2019 0

If we claim that we are followers of and Shia of that honorable Imam; I am afraid if the Imam [Imam Mahdī (mgher)] sees our dossier of deeds, Na’ūdhu billāh [we seek refuge in Allah], he will become ashamed!If a child of you does wrong, you will become ashamed! If your servant does wrong, you will become ashamed [too]!


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“Big Pacifier” to close mouth of people!!People inherently need the united and integrated governmental organization to support their rights;Human knows that oppression is bad, so Earth must have a judge owner![Well,] the United Nations says, “Let me provide the security that you want.”

The projector light

May 21, 2019 0

Why did the infallible Imams (pbu th) cry and repent to God? Had they committed any sin?Ḥujjat al-Islām Ghera’ati:If you turn flashlight and come into a dark hall, you will only see the big things.But if you have a big projector, you will see [even] the smallest things in the hall.Since our faith is weak, we look at sins just as murder and robbery.

A soldier or an imposer!

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O, brothers! I certainly know what you have in mind.But, you don’t have any power?!You know, the insurgents have still possessed their enormity and power.Well, they have control on us but we don’t!

Even amongst clergy men, there are disreputable people

March 1, 2019 0

Even amongst clergy men, there are disreputable people; we do not deny it! The disreputable are everywhere; amongst Islamic clergies, businessmen, academic ones, armies, and different organs.There are some people amongst clergies, who have bitten the hand that feeds them [Imam Zamān [Imam Mahdī (mgehr)’s hand], and have opposed the path of the Imam Zamān (mgehr). There are such people. We do not deny it!