Hadiths of the Imams

What you are expected to do

Imam Sadiq( pbuh) said:

I don’t like to see any youth among you [the Shiites], but of 2 types: Either a scholar or a student.

Al_Amali lil_Tusi P.303

Mind & memory in young hood are asset which ought to be used best & most.  One should either have requisite knowledge or learn it. S/he isn’t expected to say,” I neither want to know nor learn the knowledge.”


The Necessity of Insight/intuition

Imam Sadiq( pbuh) said:

One who acts not according to insight, is like the one who keeps the wrong way. So, the faster they go on, the more left behind they will be (from destination).

Al_ Kafi v.1, P.43

Insight means exact awareness and deep knowledge, which is necessary for everyone especially for the young who are passionate and sometimes hasty. If this passion isn’t along with reason, it will blow the opportunities.


 Lethargy in the World and here after

Imam Kazim (pbuh) said:

Avoid indolence and boredom. As, these two deprive you from the world and the hereafter.

Wasael al-Shiia v.16, P22

Reaching to summits, depends on having a strong will. The individuals who get tired soon and shirk responsibility, have high expectation of themselves.

Financial and spiritual needs can be fulfilled, just through struggle and strong will.

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