“Karbalā”  The bridge of Emergence

The rise of Imam Huṣayn (pbuh) wasn’t not limited in time and space.

As supporting Imām Huṣayn (pbuh) meant fighting in the “battlefront of Karbala”, supporting Ḥojjat ibn al- Haṣan1 [Imām Zamān (mgehr)] is through taking part in the “soft war of knowledge and culture.”

Āshūrāii companions not only weren’t afraid of being wounded by swords and spears, but also they welcomed the martyrdom with smiles.

To establish the Emergence, the ones who look forward to the Emergence have to withstand waspishness and bitter words which may wound their hearts. [It should be] as if, they welcomed it …

Yes! What the right corps did in the battle of ʻĀshūrā, are exactly what the ones who look forward to the Emergence will do. Now, it is appropriate for the ones who look forward to the emergence to study “Lessons of ʻĀshūrā”.

1-     Imām Zamān (mgehr) is called “Ḥojjat ibn al- Haṣan” too. Ibn refers to “son” and Haṣan refers to His father; Imām Haṣan Askarī (pbuh).


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