Hadiths of the Imams

April 5, 2020 1

What you are expected to do Imam Sadiq( pbuh) said: I don’t like to see any youth among you [the Shiites], but of 2 types: […]


June 24, 2019 0

The story of Imam Zamān (mgehr) and us, is like the story of a hollow next to a sea.[Well, hollows should not consider themselves deep]If the hollow is joint to the sea through (even a narrow) stream,

Let’s do not make him ashamed!

June 19, 2019 0

If we claim that we are followers of and Shia of that honorable Imam; I am afraid if the Imam [Imam Mahdī (mgher)] sees our dossier of deeds, Na’ūdhu billāh [we seek refuge in Allah], he will become ashamed!If a child of you does wrong, you will become ashamed! If your servant does wrong, you will become ashamed [too]!

Why Does Not God Clear The Table?

January 21, 2019 0

Everything in the universe has been created for humankind, and the purpose of human creation is “The knowledge of God and his servitude.”

Now, is our devotion what God had really intended?

[Some notes about:] Of Imam Ḥusayn (pbuh)’s generation

April 8, 2018 0

و جَعَلَها کلِمَةً باقیَةً فی عَقِبهِ لَعلَّهُم یَرجِعون [زُخرُف/۲۸]

And he left it as a Word to endure among those who came after him, that they may turn back (to Allah). (Holy Qur`an, Surah AZ-ZUKHRUF, verse 28)


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Two things are observed in a classroom: a Teacher and a book.   If a student [only] has books but not teachers, s/ he won’t […]

 The Bests of the Field…    

November 28, 2017 0

If someone doesn’t know [how to play] soccer,

Neither the national team, nor the low rated teams will admit him [to be a member of]!

Only those who are head and shoulders above the others [in soccer], will be invited to the national team or the great (top rated) teams.

Sewing| the Emergence Conditions

October 5, 2017 0

The Emergence is provided to 4 conditions:

The leader [Imam Mahdi (hgr)], the design and program, the helpers, and the public acceptance.

And one the features of the conditions is that, all of those must be available at once.