some essential Hadith from Imam Ali (pbuh)

The joy/savor of faith

Imam Ali (pbuh) said:

A worshiper won’t experience faith, unless they leave telling lie whether in jokes or serious.

 Al- Kāfi, vol.2, P.340

The one who has caught cold, can’t feel the taste of many edible things. And they are deprived of the pleasant feeling of tasting many of them.

Faith has a spiritual joy too, but many can’t experience it and they are deprived of enjoying its pleasant feeling. One of the reasons is telling lies. A liar is like the one who caught cold, in that deprivation.


  The bond between modesty and faith

Imam Ali (pbuh) said:

Modesty and faith are integrated; once one of them fades, another will fade too.

Tuhfat al- Oqul, vol. 297

The more faith in God is, the higher shame and modesty will be.

When the faith faded, the modesty is lost.

Hence, they said the prophet (pbuh&h) was as modest as were the girls behind the scene.


They are about to become an angle

Imam Ali (pbuh) said:

The one who does Jihad in Allah’s path and becomes a martyr, isn’t more rewarded by God than the one who is able to do bad deed but commits chastity/ virtue.

A virtuous one is closer in rank to an angle of God.

Nahj al-Bilagha, S.474

Fighting with Satan’s corps to protect the essence of modesty, isn’t less valuable than jihad against idolaters/polytheists for Muslims’ entity.

Being virtuous, one can enjoy the martyrs’ benefits. Moreover, s/he can turn into an angle of God.


 Your wergild

Imam Ali (pbuh) said:

Your wergild is worth just heaven. So don’t surrender your soul, but to heaven.

  Qurar al-Hikam, S.4623

When I realize how God “The best of creators” created me in the best structure and stature and endowed me all I need for gaining perfections, I won’t let every fellow abuse this treasure which was gifted to me. I will never yield to temporal wealth, fame and lust. I have realized that yielding to where ever but eternal heaven, means a loss.


A road of little monk

Imam Ali (pbuh) said:

Don’t be afraid of paving in guidance road which has little monk.

 Nahj al- Bilagha

Most of the people in this world aren’t open to guidance and truth. “Most people don’t know” (Jasiah, 26), “most people don’t thank God” (Gaffer, 61)….

Stepping in the road of guidance leads to salvation. Even though, a wayfarer is lonely and lonesome, the destination is worth.


 Accustomed to Quran

Imam Sādiq (pbuh) said:

If a young believer reads Quran, they will be accustomed to it.

  Al- Kāfi, vol.2, P.603

Familiarity with Quran in youth is very different from old age.

Being Familiar with Quran, a young will be accustomed to the verses of God with their whole flesh and bone. Yet, that doesn’t happen in other ages.

Satan will face a big challenge, when one is accustomed to Qur’an.


Strangers got the bliss edition

Imam Ali (pbuh) said:

Respect Quran, by God. Don’t let others overtake you in behaving based on Quran!

Nahj al-Bilagha


Inspiration of life

Imam Riḍā (pbuh) said:

Whoever attends in a company in which they revive our dignity [ Ahl al- Bait], their hearts won’t die on the day; when most of the hearts are die.

Wsael al-Shi’a, vol. 14, P. 502

The prophet (pbuh&h) ‘s Ahl al-Bait are consort with Qur’an. So, adherence to the Quran without obeying them won’t save us from Obliquity.

The imams (pbuh) ‘s biographies and conducts, are revelation of Quran doctrine. Then, reviving their behaviors and speeches fulfills the creed based on Quran.

Reviving their dignity keeps the hearts alive, even on the resurrection day.

(The expression ‘Ahl al- Bait’ refers to the prophet’s households, and the day when the hearts die refers to the resurrection day. Translator)


feel the need of your heart

Imam Ali (pbuh) said:

The hearts are sometimes vivid and other times despair; so when they are vivid, encourage them to do lending but in despair, be content to perform the Islamic duties.

Nahj al- Bilagha, S. 312

Hearts aren’t always merit and agile. Sometimes they are barred and bored. If you perform beyond the duties when you are bored, you will be gradually revolted and reluctant to do lending.

The lending ought to be done with exhilaration, to keep its vivacity and freshness.


The time your heart beats

Imam Sādiq (pbuh) said:

Whenever your body trembles, tears came to your eyes and your heat starts beating, it would be a worthy time as it shows that God cares you.

 Wasael al- Shi’a, vol. 7, P. 73

While many hours of our life are passing, there may be some moments we should appreciate and take the best benefit from them. One of those ace moments, is the time when the hearts break. Nobody buys broken bowls, but God demands the broken hearts. Since, his limpid mercy welcomes the broken hearts more.


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