A soldier or an imposer!

Listen to Imam ‘Ali (pbuh):

O, brothers! I certainly know what you have in mind.

But, you don’t have any power?!

You know, the insurgents have still possessed their enormity and power.

Well, they have control on us but we don’t!

They are the very people whom, your servants rebelled against them.

[But] they joint to Bedouin Arabs.

And now they live among you, and will bother you in any way they want.

[What about you?] Are you capable of doing what you are going to?


آن شَهِ مُوزونِ جَهان، عاشِقِ مُوزون طَلَبد

That elegant world king, summons an elegant lover

شُد رُخِ مَن سِکّه زر، تا کِه بِه میزان بِرسَم

My face, pale as a golden coin, to reach the elegance power.


Collection date:

1/ 31/ 2016


Nahj al- balāgha, Sermon: 168


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