Of the corruptions, in The Last Era are:

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1-    Oppression will be extreme; the oppressor will be bloodthirsty like injurious wolves. Also homicide will increase! Some will kill others because of enmity.

Some will gather together to disperse [the people], and will be divided into sections to destroy unity. 

They will be so busy in dispersion, opposition and rebellion that their children and generation will become sinners and do forbidden things!

The Divine Call (In Sunnīs’ point of view)

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Sunnīs believe there are two Calls [As the sign of The Emergence]:

1-    A not vocal sound: there will be a sound on the half Ramaḍān which is strong as a thunder. But as it will be without any voice, they advise [the people] to close your eras avoid listening to it!

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Be sure we shall test you with something of fear and hunger, some loss in goods or lives or the fruits (of your toil), but give glad tidings to those who patiently persevere.

Abu Basire1 has narrated from Imām Sadīq (pbuh), that His Excellency stated:

The young companions

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ˈAbbas ibn ʿAlī (pbuh): [He was] a young very courageous flag- bearer and pioneer of Imām Huṣayne (pbuh). He was 34 at the martyr time, […]

What is Sufyanī ’s religion?

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There are various narrations about Sufyanī ’s religion. But as they aren’t documentarily reliable enough, we cannot come to a definite view about Sufyanī ’s religion. Yet, it is definite that he is in severe bias and enmity with Shiites, in his religious tendencies.

The name “Al- Yamânî. 1”

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“[It is when], the men look like the women…! Then, Sufyanii4 rises from aš-Šām [Sham], and Yamânî rises from Yemen.

The boom market of [the Emergence] Signs and its margin

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The boom market of [the Emergence] Signs and its margin

People have been always eager to know the future and its bitter and sweet events. This is why the soothsayers’ market is thriving.

This predictors are either divine (their words originate from revelation), or evil and earthly.

A sign is just sign

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 White Hair is a sign of aging, but the cause of it isn’t hair color! Paleness is a symptom of an illness, but the cause of it is not the skin color!

The Emergence symptoms are just the emergence’s illustrator and don’t have anything to do with emergence realization. In other words the symptoms have no role in, but just are signs in approaching the emergence.