Of the educational corruptions in The Last Era

[According to the narrations, in The Last Era:]

[Many] people’s concern is their bellies and passions. Yet, they don’t care how they earn livelihood [is it legit or not], and how to calm the passion! They care about colorful foods and drinks. And they have got used to be proud of their clothes and ranks! They make firm and beautiful palaces, [but they] teach each other the absurd lessons!

The men wear makeup, like the women who make up for their husbands! And they adorn themselves by wearing the womanish clothes!

When a man’s wife does evil deeds, he would neither prohibit nor keep her away it.

They wear as if they were kings’.

[The Collector: It is clear that, these points in some narrations, don’t just refer to a special country. However, in this sedition there are a group who have been consistent in the path of God.]


Collector date:

5/ 24/ 2017


Mahdī-e- Muntazar (mgehr), Ps. 150- 155

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