Of the religious corruptions in The Last Era

[According to some narrations, many people in The Last Era:]

…will drink and sell alcoholic drinks, obviously.

And the doctors will prescribe it for the sick!

Adultery will have become prevalent and simplified!

And they will do sex with their Mahārim1!

The women will just marry each other, and so will the men!

The women will marry each other in such ways, that the brides marry the grooms!

Dance and singing [absurd]will be public, and they will spend a lot on them!

They will do sex with animals!

If they spend a day without committing a sin, they will feel sad [bored]!!

Some people will consider back biting, as giving glad tidings to each other!

They will consider lying as Ḥalāl2 so much that, they will confirm the liar and contradict the honest/ truthful.

They will swear lies a lot, and their testimonies will be lie!

[The Collector: It is obvious that these points in the narrations, don’t happen in just a special country.]

[Yet even in this intrusive Era, you can see a group of people who are consistent in the Path of Truth [God]


1-           Mahārim is the plural form of Mahram. Mahram is any individual that with whom the opposite sex has a relationship (of blood or fosterage) that precludes marriage, is considered a Mahram to him or her. [For example, we are our uncles’ or aunts’ Mahārim.]

2-           [To write in brief], In Qurʾān, the word Ḥalāl is contrasted with Ḥalām (forbidden). [Forbidden, according to Islamic laws.]


Collection date:

5/ 24/ 2017

1-           Mahdī -y- Muntazar (mgehr), ps. 144- 148


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