Sufyanī, After attacking Iraq   

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According to an authentic hadith by Imām Sadīq (pbuh), ‘After Sufyanī occupies the safe zones [Damascus, Homs, Palestine, Chalcis ad Belum [in Halab]and Jordan], he will run for nine months…’ (Al- Ghaybah, Tūsī, Ibid, 452)

The one who completes Imām Ḥusayn’s (pbuh) Journey…

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Imām Ḥusayn (pbuh) headed toward Kūfah [as he had been requested], in order to set there the headquarters of Islāmic jurisdiction, like his gracious father [Imām ʿAlī (pbuh)].

[But] when the political atmosphere changed in Kūfah, the very inviters blocked the road to the Imām (pbuh)!!

Yet, he settled in Karbalā inevitably, in 2nd Muḥarram.

The Fulfilment of the Divine Universal Government

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Do you know how much efforts have been made in the history of Islām, to fulfil the divine universal government?

Prophet Muḥammad (pbuh&h)’s Beˈthat [prophetic mission] was an introduction for the globalization of Islām. The other introduction for globalization of Islām was “Event of Ghadīr Khum1”.

The Event of ʻĀshūrā was the clearest sample of the efforts and concerns by Imām Huṣayne (pbuh) and his companions, for globalization and internationalization of Islām…

He was going toward the bathroom, but …

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As they will have become well- prepared, the special companions of Imām Zamān (mgehr) will gather in Mecca, once they hear his majesty (mgehr)’s Call [at the moment of Emergence]

They are such well-prepared that even if they are doing the most important job of the world, they will leave it and hasten to the help the Imām (mgehr).

Wisdom is an integral part of Imam Zamān (mgehr)

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In Nahj al- Bilāgha, Imam ʿAlī (pbuh) stated:

In fact, he [Imam Zamān (mgehr)] has worn The Wisdom Shield. And he owns The Wisdom with all

He is totally considerate and knowledgeable about it.

As if, The Wisdom was his lost part.

No Pain, No Gain …

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There is no doubt that the fulfilment of God’s promise –that the righteous will become the rulers of the earth – needs some prerequisite, so it will not be in vain!

One of that prerequisite was “Prophet Muḥammad (pbuh&h)”’s prophetic mission];

The Prophet(pbuh&h) endured all of those heavy persecution and annoyance during his 23 years of invitation, so that the righteous jurisdiction would be established…

Of the corruptions, in The Last Era are:

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1-    Oppression will be extreme; the oppressor will be bloodthirsty like injurious wolves. Also homicide will increase! Some will kill others because of enmity.

Some will gather together to disperse [the people], and will be divided into sections to destroy unity. 

They will be so busy in dispersion, opposition and rebellion that their children and generation will become sinners and do forbidden things!

The ponderable comment of some scholars about crying for Imam Huṣayn (pbuh)

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They [the scholars] believe that one type of crying in Imam Huṣayn (pbuh)’s rite, is crying of fear.

It means that a person should fear, lest s/ he is among the inviters who wrote the letters and said,

“Our garden are ready, our streams are flowing and our farms are fresh and green and we are just looking forward to you [Imam Huṣayn (pbuh)] to come here.”