Of the corruptions, in The Last Era are:

1-    Oppression will be extreme; the oppressor will be bloodthirsty like injurious wolves. Also homicide will increase! Some will kill others because of enmity.

Some will gather together to disperse [the people], and will be divided into sections to destroy unity.

They will be so busy in dispersion, opposition and rebellion that their children and generation will become sinners and do forbidden things!

The people will join the one who dominates.

Except for the sounds and voices that are toward God’s direction, they will louden other sounds and voices.

They will imitate the wicked! No good steps will be taken, unless by others middling or advice.

[The collector: These points in some narrations, are clearly not just about one specific country. Unlike them that were explained about, there will be definitely some others who are consistent on the right path, in this era.]

[The translator: Now, we are living in The Last Era.

Collection date:

5/ 24/ 2017

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