What will Sufyanī do, after the Battle of Qirq?

He will send two different armies to Median and Iraq, coincidently! Well, Imām Mahdī (mgehr)’s governing station is of special importance for him. Hence, he will rush into Shia- inhabited cities of Kūfah, and his huge attacks will strike the people!

According to an authentic hadith by Imām Baqīr (pbuh), ‘Sufyanī will send 70 thousand men at arms to Kūfah. They will kill some people of Kūfah, hang some others and internee the rest. (Al Ghayba, Nuˈmani, Chapter 14, Ibid. 67).

It seems, the women won’t be among the Kufi murdered.  



Collection date:

5/ 28/ 2017

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