The words of the [infallible Shia] Imams and the scholars about Imām Mahdī

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I asked ‘Allāmah Tabataba’i if it is possible to visit His Excellency [Sāhib al- Zamān (mgehr)] or no?! He returned, ‘Yes, but on three conditions: Being completely pious, feeling a great love [to the Imām (mGehr)], and being persistent in reciting Zīyāra Āl Yāsīn (the long version).’ (Gham-e Eshgh, P. 90)

Maybe this Friday… maybe ,(poem)

February 2, 2023 0

News spread that some news is on the way

Ecstatic would be the heart that is aware

Maybe this Friday he comes, maybe!

Unveils his face for us all, maybe!

The other technique of the enemies against The Emergence, is destruction.

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Destruction is done in two ways:

a ) Inducing doubt: They [the enemies] destroy the addresses’ minds and distort the belief, by coining some questions and doubts, in a cunning way!
b) Humiliation and ridiculing: As in the early Islamic Era, the enemies usually ridicule the believers.

The objective of Nafs al- Zakiyyah

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There isn’t any valid account of “The goal of Nafs al- Zakiyyah by his activities which will lead him to martyrdom”! Therefore, the following cases aren’t conclusive:

1-    He will be sent to Mecca by Imām al -ˈAsre [Imām Zamān (mgehr)], in order to give ultimatum1. So, they won’t later have any excuse not to help the Imām (mgehr).

Fire from burning the wood of Tamarisk Tree

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Do you know what “Tamarisk” is?[Once] The Holy Prophet (pbuh&h) stated, “O, God! Show me my brothers!” His companions wondered, “Aren’t we your brothers?!”His Majesty [the Prophet (pbuh&h)] stated, ‘No! You are my companions! [But] my brothers are the people who will live in The Last Era. They will believe in me, although they will not see me.

The most famous word amongst Sunnis

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Did you know [the word] “Mahdī” is one of the most famous sobriquet of Imām Mahdī (mgehr)? Did you know the word “Mahdavīat” is most popular [sobriquet] amongst Sunnis?!In narrations, the sobriquet “Mahdī” is often used about The Excellency [Imām Mahdī (mgehr)] after the emergence and “Qāʾim” is used before the emergence.

Do you know how many narrations are there in Shia sources ?

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Do you know how many narrations are there in Shia sources, which refer to the number of 12 [infallible] ImāmsIn the second volume of the valuable book “Ithbāt al-hudāt by Shaykh Ḥurr ˈAmilī, there are nine hundred and twenty seven narrations about 12 Imāms (pbu th)’ Imamate. In many of them, the number and names of The Imāms (pbu th) were mentioned, in a clear cut way. They are such as:

Costume Jewelry

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Why do they manufacture costume jewelry?Some opportunists feign every valuable and worthy wares.For each original and worthy thing, they have made and still make a counterfeit and fake one.

The false claimants of Yamânî

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ʿAbd al-Raḥmān ibn Muḥammad ibn al-Ashʿath
Yazīd ibn Mulhab
`Abd ar-Rahman ibn Muḥammad
Abdul Rahim bin Abdul Rahman