God’s mystery poem

Ali, the Arab’s king, Lion of God[1]

Had an affinity with midnight


Of his bosom, night was quite aware

God’s mystery had midnight as intimate


Night has heard his prayer and listened

Gurgling of his eternal love fountain


Castle ward that in the heavenly castles

Crooned plaintively as captive in the earth


Crying as a wakeful candle

Pouring gold and weeping sadly in wail


Distressed man at the moment of utter

All the world cries for quarter


His words like eardrops in the ear

Kufic mosque is still wondering for real


Dawn broke through to skylines

Didn’t see sleep in Ali’s eyes


Stranger that in deep dark nights

Takes supper to the Arab orphans’


Covered up king, who throughout all the nights

Hauled on his shoulders poor people’s supply


Till disclosed his secret of glory

No one knew that the man was Ali


Goshawk by wings of mystery

Flies high in to the eternity


A lover who embraces hazard

Instead of prophet[2], in his bed


That Judgment Day effecting dawn

Doorknob impeded him to go on


Stretched for his robe in plea

“Ignore and do not pass me Ali!”


His shawl unfastened and his aba detained

His Zainab begged and beseeched him to stay


Fastened the shawl and there was a vague call

“Fasten the martyrdom shawl more resolved!”


A leader in ecstasy for God’s sight

Invites his murderer to wake up


His forehead on the soil of serving

Moon had his head parted, praying


His lips are refusing bowl of milk

Implies by his glance, “first captive!”


Which captive, the same murderer?!

Are you a god, enemy lover?!


Mystics fond of your lordship Ali

All world’s lives immolate for you Ali

Maybe this Friday… maybe


News spread that some news is on the way

Ecstatic would be the heart that is aware


Maybe this Friday he comes, maybe!

Unveils his face for us all, maybe!


Clapping hands, stomping I will go

To the door of good ones’ best, I will go


Going to make me drunk with joy again!

Headless, footless, handless, more again!


I’ll go there to leave myself behind

Going mad in search for his sweet sight


With whom do they entrust their time?!

Those who don’t know their own Imam


Having such euphony and pleasantness

Wandering round my corner of loneliness


You! A couple of alleys away from us…

Your song more rapturous than all of us…


If only you would reduce this distance

Lessen the pain of all these attendants


If only you were in our surroundings

Resource of our relief and comforting


Anyone who can attain your visit

Has the key for all problems in minute


Last night I had such a fit of delight

My heart yearned so much for your recall


As soon as I named you, my lips blazed

Flames were on siavash[3]’s shirttail


Your name is the calmative of my soul

Your letter, my safe conduct evermore


You! On your look, sun rises bright

Shine on gloomy me, just a night


Unveil these eyes, very wet in tears

So they can see your face fully for years


Your prayers help and assistance to us…

Where and when is the due date for us?


My poor heart, O dear… depends on your lips

Has a crave for Mecca[4], just fancying your visit


I came to Mecca… O love! In order to see you

The pivot of my religion in apex is only you


At which corner of Masha’ar[5], which point of Mena’a[6]

Just tell me where to wait and yearn for your sight


O Zulaikha[7]! Leave off Joseph’s shirt for heaven!

So the east wind blows it back to Canaan[8]!


Let me kiss the pure soil of Jamkaran[9]…

Emerging land of prophets and saints all…

[1] Ali (PBUH)’s title, since no one fought as courageously as him
[2] Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)
[3] A man in Ferdowsi’s masterpiece (Shahnameh), who passed through fire to prove his innocence.
[4] Emerging land of King savor (Imam Mahdi)
[5] Well known place in Mecca known since they are places for Hajj’s congregation
[6] Well known place in Mecca known since they are places for Hajj’s congregation

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