The goodness of the Last Era

There is a lot of bad news about the last Era. The wickedness will increase in the last Era. But, what about the good news?

When wickedness increases in the Last Era; well, you can say that goodness also increases. It is foolish that an individual just sees one side of a fact, and leaves the other side. Rather, it is wise to see both sides.

It was stated, ‘The Emergence will happen after the earth has been full of oppression and cruelty’. So, the earth will be full of oppression and cruelty in the last Era. But, there will necessarily be born some people in the world, who will grow up; they will be at their peak of strength and purity. This is what we should focus on!

We should not lag behind this blessed caravan of the Last Era. Yes, some people have been trained in a way that, you’d better come and meet them.

according to some narrations,  «یوَطِّئونَ لِلمَهدی سُلطانَه »

It means a nation will live in The Last Era paving the way for The Excellency (mgehr)’s government. They will be those who initiate The Emergence.

Now, let’s take a look at Yemen and see the condition! Yes, the youth of the Islamic world have got rid of lethargy and frailty! Where have they been yet?! You see, no one could reckon there would be so many Shi’as; with so much love affection to the infallible and virtuous Ahl al Bayt (pbu th) in Syria.

They have been truly ahead of us, in many areas. Yes, we are not counted in, compared to them!

[Opposite to people of] Yemen, we have actually felt very lonesome! I am pondering, we are about to be left behind…

Yes, [as the proverb says:] “God can turn evil into good!”




Professor: Alireza Panāhian

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