People’s rights upon His Excellency (Sāhib al- Zamān (mgehr))

a) Benevolence

The main part and basis of the sovereignty in Islamic teachings, is to be benevolent to the people of the society. However, the establishment of a universal justice government by the promised savior on a global scale, is strongly insistent. It is because, that government is based on the administration of justice on the earth, and the things which are more benevolent than promoting justice, in all fields for all human beings.

b)The comfort and welfare

One of the most important features of the universal government of His Excellency Mahdī (mgehr), is to provide the basis for public welfare and comfort for all people. Obviously, it doesn’t refer to the welfare that causes people to turn away from God. Also, it doesn’t include the welfare which comes by itself, rather, it refers to the welfare that will be provided by the wisdom of His Majesty and the great effort of people. Describing this welfare and comfort, some narrations imply that, human beings will not have seen such type [of welfare and comfort].

c)  Education

Undoubtedly, education in various areas of individual and social life has a valuable and fundamental role in the growth and development of a society. One of the most important characteristics of the universal government of His Excellency Mahdī (mgehr), is the spread of science and knowledge among human beings.

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