The world after Imām Mahdī (mGehr)’s martyrdom;

The world after Imām Mahdī (mGehr)’s martyrdom; to the Ahl al Bayt (pbu th)’s followers

There have been five views among the Ahl al Bayt (pbu th)’s followers; some of them are mentioned here:

  • The conditions after Imām Mahdī (mGehr)’s martyrdom will be prosperous, and his successors will be of the Returners [will be alive after death].

Of the deep beliefs among the Shia, is the belief in the reviving of two groups: True believers and pure disbelievers. As the people who have this view believe that, the world won’t be without any Ḥujjat, they describe the world after Imām Mahdī (mGehr)’s martyrdom in two ways:

a/ There, the resurrection will take place straightforwardly!

b/ There will come God’s proofs [Ḥujjats] who are the mediator of God’s grace. So, those who will govern the people will be the very Imām (pbu th).

  • The world after Imām Mahdī (mGehr)’s martyrdom, will be ruled by one of the Prophet (pbuh&h)’s Ahl al Bayt (pbu th).

Jābir ibn Yazīd Juʿfī said:

I learned from Imām Bāqir (pbuh) that he stated, “I swear to God, a man of us, Ahl al Bayt, will verily rule for 309 years.” Jābir kept on, ‘I requested, ‘When will it be?!’ The Excellency stated, ‘After Qāʾim ‘s death [martyrdom]…’

 Sunni’s belief about the conditions after Imām Mahdī (mGehr)’s martyrdom

Most of the Sunnis believe that, after Imām Mahdī (mGehr)’s martyrdom, there will be no good in life! And the world will continue in chaos!!

In the book “Al-Burhan fi `Alamat al-Mahdī [mGehr]”, there is a chapter titled “Fi Mawt al Mahdī (mGehr) wa Dhikr Ahwal Taghaʾ Baʾdah”. In that, the way The Excellency will be killed and the events after that were mentioned. Also in some [Sunni] narrations, it refers to the chaos and evils after The Excellency’s martyrdom.

in addition, in the book “Aqd al Durar”, Abu Sa’id Khudri narrated from the Holy Prophet (pbuh&h) which ends with:

… [Mahdī ‘s government] will continue till seven, eight, or nine years. Yet, there won’t be any Khayr after him!


Well, how is it accordant with God’s wisdom, if after a history full of ups and down, the government falls into the hands of the worthy people; the intellects would grow; the earth would be governed on the basis of justice, but after the Imam’s death, everything will return to the previous bad unfavorable situation?



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