Meeting Im膩m Zam膩n (mgehr) by Ba岣 al-士Ul奴m, in the Holy Sardab1

The twentieth is, the event of Ba岣 al-士Ul奴m in the Holy Sardab. This [event was explained by] Sanad Sayyid, the researcher, reliable and insightful scholar 鈥淪ayyid Al墨鈥 the grandchild of honorable Ba岣 al-士Ul奴m (mGbpwh), and the author of the book 鈥淏urh膩n-i Qati’ dar Sharh-i N膩fi士鈥 in several chapters by the pure, virtuous, trusty, and pious Sayyid Murta岣嵞, the Sayyid鈥檚 nephew, and his companion on the trips and home. He was also taking care of him, for his outdoor and indoor services.

He said, 鈥業 was with that honorable man on a trip to Samarra. He had a chamber where he slept alone, and I had a chamber connected to his. I serviced him with care day and at night, people used to gather in his presence until late at night. One night, he sat down as usual and people gathered around him, but I saw that he seemed to be averse to staying in the gatherings and liked there to be deserted.

He said something to everyone, that hinted to them to leave him alone soon. So, people dispersed and no one was left, but me. He ordered me to leave too. So, I went to my chamber and was thinking about his state that night. I couldn鈥檛 sleep at all!

So I waited for a while, then I came out secretly to know about condition of the Sayyid. I saw that the chamber door was closed, so I looked through the crack in the door and saw that the light was still on. But there was no one in the chamber.

There, I entered the chamber and knew from his condition that he has not slept that night. Then I hid myself and went to search for Sayyid with bare feet. First, I entered the blessed courtyard, but I saw that the doors of Al-‘Askariyyayn鈥檚 (pbu th) dome were closed.

Then I searched the area around the [Holy] shrine, but found no trace of him! So I entered the courtyard of Sardab1 and saw that its doors are open. After that, I went down the stairs slowly in a quiet and noiseless way.

There, I heard a voice from the side of Sardab; as if someone was talking to others, and I could not make out the words, until I was three or four steps before [Sardab] and I was walking extremely slow. But suddenly the voice of Sayyid rose from that place, 鈥極鈥 Sayyid Murta岣嵞! What are you doing, and why did you leave the house?鈥

So I stopped in my place, stunned and still like a dry wood. I decided to go back before I have to answer, but I told myself, 鈥楬ow would you remain concealed from someone who knew you through Unseen Knowledge? Then, I answered him with apologies and regret鈥

And while I was apologizing, I went down the stairs and I saw veranda [porch]. There, I saw the Sayyid who was standing toward Qiblah; he was alone. As there was no one there, so I found out that he was talking to the one who is hidden from their physical eyes [Im膩m Zam膩n (mGehr)].



1 – It was a cellar in the northwest of the shrine of `Askariin (pbu th), in S膩marr膩示. It was the residence and worship place for Imam H膩d墨 and al-Askar墨 (pbu th) during the hot summer days. According to reports, Imam Mahd墨 (mgehr) was also seen there, in the time of his father’s life. That is the reason for naming the place 鈥淭he Holy Sardab鈥, in The Occultation Era.