Meeting with Imām Zamān (mGehr) after the night of prayer

The twenty second story, is the story of Shaykh Huṣayn Ale Rahim’s visit to His Excellency:

The virtuous scholar Shaykh Bāqir Najafi Najal, the worshipping scholar, Shaykh Hādī Kadhimi known as ‘Al Ṭālib Najal’. He said:

[Once,] there was a religious man in Nadjaf Ashraf, belonged to a family known as ‘Al Rahim’; he was called Shaykh Huṣayn Rahim. Also he informed us about the pious and devoted scholar of ‘Miṣbāḥ al-Taqiyya’ [the pious guide], Shaykh Tāhā.

He was the family of the honorable scholar and the great and pious unique worshiper, Shaykh Huṣayn Najaf, who was then the Imām of the Congregation [the clergyman for congregation] in Hindiyah Mosque of Najaf is Ashraf and in piety, goodness and grace acceptable to the people.

the mentioned Shaykh Husayn was a pure- intentioned, pure- natured, of the holy people. He was suffering from cough and pneumonia. When he coughed, blood and mucus came from his chest. Moreover, he was extremely poor, distracted, and he couldn’t afford his daily livelihood. He often went to noun. Bedouin [Arabs] who were living around Ashraf Nadjaf to get food; even barley.

During the time, he was suffering from that illness, he fell in love with a Najafī woman. He proposed her for marriage, but her family rejected it because of his [Shaykh]’s poorness. So, He was immersed in sadness.

As his illness, poorness and also hopelessness at getting married with the woman made him last straw, he decided to do what was a custom in Najaf. When an importance happened, they used to go to Kūfah mosque, for forty Wednesday nights. Then they will surely visit Her Excellency Hijjah, in a way that they wouldn’t recognize him. And his wish would be fulfilled.

[Anyway,] Shaykh Bāqir the late narrated as:

Shaykh Husayn said, ‘I carried on that way, for forty Wednesday nights. The last Wednesday was over, and it was a dark and windy winter night.